Morris College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Being a religious school.


our school is best known for not discriminating against race or any ethnicity and accepting everybody.


My school is best known for its motto: Enter to learn, depart to serve.


My college was best known for producing teachers and preachers.


Morris is known for being the only historically black school in Sumter, SC. We've been going strong for 100 years this year and we have maintained tradition and value through out the many years of exsistence. Morris is a small community of students who come to learn to become outstanding citizens in the community. Our motto is enter to learn, depart to serve. We stand by it 100 percent.


Morris College has been a center for training ministers and teachers for the pulpits and schools of the State of South Carolina and of the Nation. Its graduates have added to the ranks of professionals and businessmen. Hundreds of students who otherwise never would have attended college have received at Morris College the benefits of higher education. This institution is also known for being family oriented, we bond has family.