Morris College Top Questions

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Nothing is unique here at all. Its safer to say that everything is the same. Old school stuck in old ways. if thats structure sounds like it fits you this is the school for you.


The Teacher. The Teacher well help you and give all students the chance to pass.


The unique thing about my school compared to other schools I considered is that there's not that much of violence that takes places in the neighborhood area.


Its a small school so you don't feel like a number in the classroom. It is more like a community than a school. You can get the attention that you need from the professors if your needing help with something. Professors care if you succeed or not.


The most unique thing for me was that it was close enough so that I could visit my mother who at the time was not doing well and has since going home to be with the Lord. The shool 's circumular was great but the basketball team was not so hot. The school foundation is the most unique thing to me which is a christian foundation.


We have nothing to do here, and the other college I would have plenty to do. Not only thinking negative, but this college hold informational assemblies every Thursday at ten o'clock a.m. , these assemblies let's the students know what will be going on around campus.


What's unique about my school is that you never know who you are related to there. Alot of cousins and brothers and sisters come on the buddy system here because of other family memebers who attended Morris in the past. We keep many family traditions.


It is a small school, which allows for smaller classroom sizes. It allows for a more personal relationship with professors. Because their are so many students at Morris who do not value their education when opportunities do arise those few hard working students will be chosen and recognized for those opportunites.


The uniqueness of Morris College are the small classes that gives you more of a chance to interact with your professors; having that one-on-one availability. The constant involvement and support of Morris College within its surrounding community. They are focus and academically driven for the success for its students and the college itself.