Morris College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice that I would give myself is to work on obtaining a 4.0 GPA, 22 or higher ACT score and take academics as serious as I can. While my GPA was not low it could have been better. The better your test scores and GPA the more money and scholarships you will recive which means less money out of your pocket and apply for more scholorships!


I have been out of high school for almost seven months and still have not entered college. If I could go back to the beginning of my senior year and give myself some advice, I don’t think I could stress how important it is to not be afraid; afraid of change, responsibility, meeting new people, growing up and getting on with life after high school. Honestly, I would also tell myself to grow up and quit slacking. Things will not just magically fall into place just because I want them to. Scholarships needed to be filled out, college visits should have been planned, and other steps should have been taken to ensure I was prepared to start what was supposed to be the next chapter of my life. I cannot change what I did, or rather what I didn’t do in my senior year, but it’s not too late for me. It is definitely time for me to face my fears head on.


Assuming i could go back in time and talk to myself as highschool senior. Knowing what i know now about college life and making transitiion, the advice i would give myself would be long winded. I would tell myself that the people I assumed friendship with would turn into, two killers, a stripper, one deseced , a drug dealer, and credit card scammers. Reginald Wiggins and Jamal Armstead turned into killers the night of May 27th,2008. A party I so desperated wanted to attend ended with the death of 16 year old Maurice McIver and my childhood friends on the run from the law. Two days later Jamal Armstead's picture plastered the front of The New York's Daily News which the feature articled titled "Suddenly it seems like city's full of kids with gun" at 16 i went throught the painful transition of disassociating myself from people I grew up with that over stupid descisons that where made are now killers. My college self would give the advice that working hard will pay off. Also that It isnt true that i would of became an product of my enviroment and that you recieve what you give out.


college is not a games. when you go study and work hard.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior. Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, I would definitely advise myself that the work is based off high school knowledge. Having a good foundation of writing skills, math skills, reading skills, communication skills; and people skills all come into action once you get into college. I definitely would tell myself to hustle harder to get that grade point average up as high as possible, because college's really do look at that. Knowing what I know now about college life, I would read more. Reading, would enchance will my vocubulary and knowledge.


I would have started to look at colleges earlyer then I did and try to attend a college near my home town. I would have tried to go visit different colleges so I would have had choices of colleges to go to.


If i had the opportunity to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school student i would tell myself to be more focused. knowing what i know now, I know that college is not all about partying and having fun. You must be serious about your education. I would also go into explaining why it is very important to have a good G.P.A. My main point would be work hard and play later because you can always have fun and party but its extremly more important to have high grades.


The advice i would give myself as a high school study about college would be to stay focus, work hard, and aim for the stars. Also i would say don't give in to peer pressure because the only friend you have is yourself.


I would tell myself to do better in school and bring my grades up. I would also apply to other colleges before this one.


I have thought about the question “if I could go back in time” plenty of times. If this was possible, I would tell myself that education IS important for my future unlike some of the things I was told and believed. I was told to enjoy the high school years but I was not told to take the education seriously. I wish I had done that. My much older siblings, fortunately, have been successful without a college degree and therefore I thought I could do the same. Unfortunately I was wrong. With so many bumps in the road for me I have finally opened my eyes to the importance of education. I feel that I am such a good person. I have never fallen in the temptation of drugs or alcohol and I have had many good jobs and unfortunately got comfortable and eventually laid off due to the bad economy. I have not married nor had children for the reason being that I do not have a stable career. If I knew what I know now 13 years ago I definitely would have done things a lot different.


if i could go back to my senior year i would like to do all my classes over and have more time to get myself together befroe i come to the real world. In high school you waas having the teachers to tell you what to do and whn all the work and the study guides for the test we did them all in class and didnt have to doas much to get the things we needed for the testes.


By attending Paul D. Community College I have learned how important educaiton is. Many of my classmates are returning to college to make better lives. Mostly because they have been laid off from jobs they've had most of their lives. Two ladies that I share many classes with are being divorced by their husbands and are going to college so that they can support themselves and their children. I graduated high school thinking that college was just something I was supposed to do because all my friends were and to make my parents proud but after seeing how life changing an education is I value my oppurtunity to learn.


I have gotten an excellent education that had propelled me into the working environment which allow and afforted me to give back to my community and aid my family with assistance (financially and emotionally). I have further my education because of what I had gotten while I was at Morris. What I got from attending Morris College, really in totality prepared for life in the real world, marriage and career as well as owning and running a self-appointed business. I am so bless to had attened this fine school. All of my family member had attended this shool soley based on the fact that I went there and graduate with honors. I was the first of 14 childredn to have graduated from college.


First off I would like to say when starting high school, do not play around, get focused and stay focused. As a senior in high school I would prepare myself physically and mentally for these classes. I thought that what my teachers said in high school about the class work for college was just something to scare us, but experiencing it for myself it really is not.


the advice i would give myself is : information on the subject matter is what is important not the look of the school therefore try community college it is cheap and finacial aid will cover the cost and you will get the same infomation that expensive college gives to the students


stay focus and dont let the college life distract me.


If I could go abck in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to take full advantage of every single opportunity educaton offers. College life, while scary, is the prime time to get to know yourself and to develop social skills. I would also tell young Jennifer to not be afraid to ask for help as soon as I encountered something I was unfamiliar with. My best years would be ahead of me and I should embrace them. The last thing I remind young Jennifer is to never forget to put God first in everything she does. Because without him she can do nothing.


The advice I would give myself would be to take out more time to fill out scholarships and to fill out more college applications. This way I would have multiple choices instead of just picking a college at the last minute. I would also tell myself to explore my career options and the things that I am most comfortable with doing instead of picking a major that I think I may like and go with something that I know I will like.


The only advice I would give is to send your child to a school with less partying so they can get the proper education they need.


I would encourage students to start their college search early and to search for outside scholarships to obtain aid other than that obtained through the FAFSA. Aslo, I would encourage students to not attend a certain college for its name, but for what the college is able to offer you in the area that you wish to make your career choice. Lastly, for student to get the most out of their college experience I would encourage them to keep their academics first, and balance it with co-curricular activites that will not only provide interest but will enhance their civc and leadership skills.


When choosing a college the first thing you should do after narrowing your options are planning campus visits. Everything doesn't look like the brochures!! Once you visited your dream colleges, imagine yourself walking on the campuses to class everyday, picture the friends you'll make and the professors you'll meet. If you can get a good mental image of that campus then in my opinion thats when you found your ideal campus. For parents, let your teenager explore their options, don't worry about them going out of state or so far away it may scare you. Our world is ful of technologies and transportation beyond our means so they are only a phone call or a long car drive or flight away! Being away from home may be scarey at first but it's an experience that they have to well...have to experience one day! Let them live.. let them learn! College is some of the best years of their lives don't deprive them. Lastly for the student, work hard, learn as much as you can and get active on campus, it makes campus life more enjoyable!


Being a recent college graduate I took the time to review my extent of being a college student striving to obtain a bachelors degree. While reviewing my very interesting life I realized their were some important points that should have been taking into account when deciding where I was going to spend four crucial years of my life. For starters visit as many schools as possible. Study them, research them and then narrow down the selections. Once the listed is narrowed continue to look into this more refined list. Check out the financial aid package, academic background, and the reputation of the school in the "career world" and then choose the one that is most suitable for you. From their make sure you truly are able to make a life at the college because that is where you will spend four or more years of your life.


My advice to anyone particularly the students. ~ research institutions ~ attend college fairs ~go on as many college tours I also reccomend students get involve with a college prep program whether it be on weekends or after school. The college experience is whatever a student make of it. If the student is positive of things in life they would have a great experience. If they are negative not going to class, staying into all kinds of trouble, then they might not like the institution or their peers. My Freshman year in college I was told college is what you make of it, and from then on I was able to better myself throughout my college experience, because I knew the positive decisions I needed in my life. I myself pass on the torch and tell the future college students that "College is what you make of it". Thank you, Mr. Cedric Warner


Take your time, but don't move to slow. Read up on everything that college/university has to offer, such as, social activities, academic involvement before and after graduation. Definitely pay attention to the tuition and what king of financial assistance that particular school offers it students and what's the percentage.