Morrisville State College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The lack of diversity. I want to see different people of different upbringings and backgrounds everywhere I go.


There isnt much negative things about this school except the unavailablity of certain majors and the rural area.


Nobody has any pride for this school, people settle for the fact that this is a small school. Some students feel that they need to consume alcohol to have a good time. Since alcohol consumption is not allowed on this campus, numerous students have found themselves in trouble in residence halls.


other then the fact that there isn't really anything to do on the weekends me and my friends normally get it all figured out we get soemthing to do and the school offers an aray of movies and activities to do so that its not that bad.


The snow and wind conditions in the winter is probably the worst thing about Morrisville.


Many students are from NYC and have an attitude that they are better than other students.