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Motlow State Community College

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What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?

I brag about what a great choice it was to start college at a community college. There are so many benefits. The campus is smaller which helps in the classroom and out of the classroom. You get to form better relationships with your professors, as well as, other students. Tuition is also a major factor. Saving money while attending a community college will enable someone to better afford a four year institution when that time comes. Finally, it is a great transition from high school to college life away from home.

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The library is the best, you always have a comfortable place to go and an open computer for research. The second best place is the Student Affairs office. They treat you so much better then the other departments; so if you need anything done go there and they will help you through it.

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I love my school because it is so small. My classes are small and we get more hands on learning from our teachers.

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