Mott Community College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The people I have met at Mott have all been very nice people


there are a verity of students, a lot that are very kind and friendly and helpful.


My classmates at mott are friendly as well as helpful.


Unique, not the typical "Miami J. Crew U" stereotype. They are fun, just like me, but different in their own special ways. They are also people to look to for help with schoolwork and a blast to hang out with on the weekends.


The most talented, diverse student body in the area.


At the present the semester has not began, however my previous classmates were the most mysterious yet sincere individuals ever met.


My classmates are young and seemingly mostly unmotivated to complete college.


The attitudes, educational aspirations, beliefs, motivations, and social situations of the students I attend class with are as varied as their genetic structure, and thus cannot be adequately summarized in less than a hundred words.