Mott Community College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Mott is just a community school which doesn't have any big sports teams, but after attending for a few terms I realized the true meaning of this school. It welcomes all people from right out of highschool to older people coming back to finish their education, and is not a competitve school. Mott has four different campus's offering schooling to many people close to home. This school is important to me because I wasn't ready to move away from my family and live on my own.


Mott Community College is known for " providing high quality, accessible and affordable educational opportunites and service".


Mott is best known in Flint for affordable, worthwhile education.


Mott is best known for its affordableness and it also has a ranked wrestling team. To most coming into mott, they mainly see just how affordable that this school is making education for those families that cannot afford to go to universities.


Mott Community College is best known for being very affordable. They also have an excellent basketball team: winning the national title almost every year. The teachers are great. They really try to help each and every student reach their maximum potential.


I would have to say everyone is allowed to have a fresh start at Mott. No matter who or what you are there is always a place for you at Mott. Something that is huge at our school is the Men's Basketball team. Many people come out to watch the electricflying non stop action of our boys playing basketball.


My school is best known for it great athletic department and it's newest restuarant on campus the Bear Bistro. Mott's men and women's basketball are returning champions.