Mott Community College Top Questions

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The environment at mott is very calm and friendly. At mott the students are allowed more one on one time with the staff, due to the fact that we have smaller classes than other colleges.


One thing thats unique about my school is that there our art program is pretty darn good. U of M Flint actually send there students to our school for the art programs. Even though were only a community college we have a strong group of instructors and creative and extremely talented students.


While serving time at The Charles Egler Facility, State of Michigan, Penal Institution, I was offered the oppurtunity to attend a internal extention program from Spring Arbor College. The oppurtunity rendered allowed me to gain the education that I never would have been able to obtain, and equipped me to re-enter free society with a plan of action, and knowledge that otherwise would not have been available to me. We went to school at the prison, and the instructors came in through armed gaurds, and barded wire to educate us. Now I'm attending school as a free man.


Low tutition, friendly faulty and staff, and ideal location are just a few reasons Mott Comm. College stands out among other colleges. I'm close to family and friends and just minutes away from my job. Lower tutition compared to other colleges helps me to afford going to school. I enjoy getting to know my professors personally. They not only help me in class with school work, they talk to me outside of class about other things and are always available by email or phone.