Mott Community College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When people ask me what college I go to, I quickly and proudly tell them Mott. I tell all about how Mott gave me more money back then what other schools may have given back. I also tell them about the Health Care Programs Mott offers and how in a short amount of time you can get your certificates, licenses, and degree. Not only do they have a great Health Care Program, but other programs. The teachers at Mott helps you with whatever you need them to help you with as well as the other staff.


That many of the teachers have life experience in the field they are teaching. You cannot always just learn from reading a book, that doesnt make it exciting. The teachers and fellow students actually care about you and want you to succeed. The strive just like you do to do better in this world, and make something of themselves. My school is all about basically finding who you are, and doing it on purpose. Making a difference in the community and in our own individual lives.


I do brag that it is different compared to the school where I live. Most of my friends attended St. Clair community college but I decided to go the other direction. It seems like Mott is different compared to others. Our Men's Basketball team is nationally ranked and is very exciting to watch. Our sport programs are very deicated and treat their athletes very good. I'm an ex softball player and played 2 years for Mott. I love it.


am not inclined to brag about my educational institution but in the spirit of this survey, I would most likely "brag" about the fiscal benefits of attending a community college such as my own.


When I talk to my friends about my school I tell them how much I like the class sizes. The classes are small enough to where the teacher can get to know your name and it gives you the opportunity to have one on one time with the teacher if you need it. I also talk about how much I like taking the same classes I would at a university for less.