Mott Community College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


College isn't as hard as it seems, just take one step at a time. The time from registering to signing up for classes is the hardest part of attending Mott, but once class starts, it gets easier. Class is usually quiet, but make a point to be friends with some people and these people could soon be study buddies. Planners are your best friend because professors like to give assignments months before they are due, and it is best to keep up on your assignments and not let them pile up.


I wish i would have known how nice the teachers were going to be. I had in my mind that the teachers would be just like the ones you hear about. I thought they would be grouchy the whole time, but when i got there i met my teachers and they were very helpful and enjoyed doing what they are doing.


Before attending Mott Community College I wish I would have know more about scholarships and finical aid. I only had one scholarship when I started my freshman year, the Michigan Promise, which was taken away. Because this scholarship was taken away I now have to try and repay the thousand dollars I used during my first semester while paying my current semesters tuition. I have to work very hard to work 30-35 hours a week while attending school full time. I wish I would have know how much work it was really going to be.


That you didn't have to have the "J. Crew U" preppy style. There are plenty of other people who have their own style. It's okay to be yourself here.