Mount Aloysius College Top Questions

Describe a typical weekend.


The Mount is usually pretty quiet on the weekends actually. We have the residents who live really far away or work locally who still stay. We have fun up here when there's no classes to worry about! Many students go out and enjoy it. Then you have the studious ones who camp out in the library all weekend or study from within their dorms. That's usually me! Either way, there is always something do to on campus or in one of the nearby towns. It's always a good time at the Mount :)


Many of our resident students live less than an hour away. Many go home during weekends, but that doesn't stop the activities on campus! Many weekends, we have Friday night live performances from bands, comedians, hypnotists, and the latest movies, as well as sports and other activities.


A typical weekend ON CAMPUS is really quiet. Most of the people who come to the Mount are from nearby and therefore go home on the weekends. There are a few of us, myself included, that stay on campus. I'm from three hours away so I kind of have to stay on campus, but there are a few people who are from around here that stay as well. The weekends are a really good time to catch up on your sleep or get caught up/ahead on your homework. I really enjoy the weekends because it means time to myself.


Study, catch up on homework. Maybe a practice or sporting event. Many students go home.


Sleep, do homework, hang out with other friends still on campus. Many people go home.