Mount Aloysius College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


They are very nice and helpful. They really try to get to know you and help you learn the best way that you can.


My classmates are very nice, they help you if your having trouble in class, their always there for me.


My classmates are al very intelligent and determined to succeed.


they are very nice, smart and friendly!


We're all just college students trying to make it to the end! Everyone here is friendly and willing to help out.


Mount Aloysius College is a predominately Caucasian institution. Since the college is located in Cresson, a small town, there are a few issues with race and from students coming from larger cities and areas, but not many. Many students are open to talking with anyone. We have a number of LGBT students on campus, and we even have a LGBT club devoted to those students. Most of the students come from the towns of Pennsylvania, but we also have a number of students from New Jersey, Maryland, Texas, and other states. We do have some African American students here as well.


The students here are your typical people. We wear sweats and a hoodie to class like any other campus. We might blend in with the crowd with our looks, but academically we stand out with our classes and job after school.


The majority of the students at this school are from the middle class. Just about everyone is recieving some type of financial aid. The majority of the students at this school are also non-religious or do not practice a religion daily. Although this is a Catholic school and you do not have to be Catholic to attend, a very small number of students actually attend mass or go to their place of worship. Student life is very laid back. I have worn sweat pants and t-shirts to class on many occasions. Everyone can also find a place at this school. Students range fom vieo gamers, athletes, writers, musicians, and everything else inbetween. There are groups and clubs for all kinds of interests. A person would have no trouble finding a group they belong in. Groups even intermingle. There are little cliques here.


This school is small enough that when you walk into the cafeteria at dinner your almost guaranteed to find more than one friendly face. At the beginning I didn't like that the school was so small, but now i love that when I walk around I am always seeing people I know. The students at our school tend not to pay much attention to what goes on outside of this campus and I am guilty of this too. Usually we find things out when our teacher wants to hold a discussion and every student shrugs our shoulders in surprise. Its the students who need to have to want to turn on the news, not the schools. Many people who have degrees from college say that they never paid much attention to what was going on outside the school either. To describe the students at our school is difficult. I don't really know, because i have met a lot of different people since I've been here. Some have shocked me, others remind of my best friends from home. I do not know if any student would feel out of place. This is college now, its a mixture of everyone, not just from a given area. I would think everyone would feel like they belonged at college. I definitely have made friends with people at college that I think i wouldnt have looked twice at in high school or I would have marked them in the "stay away" category. I am a soccer player at my school so I have those friends(we all get along yet a lot of us are different), I have friends that I have made in my honor class, I have friends from my biology class, friends I have made because we share a common ground on our beliefs, so yeah I guess you could say that different type of students interact.


Everyone is a friend here at MAC. I honestly don't think any one student would feel out of place at this school. Everyone is here to help one another. No one is left sitting alone in the dining hall. No matter where you go, you'll find a friendly face. The campus is small. It's easy to make friends. It's almost as if we all have a second family away from home.


I believe that all students can come to this school and fit in. the stuents here ar very friendly and helpful. There are a wide variety of styles here on campus, so evrything from jeans with cowboy boots to a three piece suits and dress shoes to scrubs may be in a class together. there are students from a wide variety of financial backgrounds. Mount Aloysius offers great financial aid packages. For such a small college there is a great amount of dversity, but in that sense everyone gets along with one another. there are no cliques here on campus.


Mount Aloysius is a small, private, catholic school in rural Western Pennsylvania. Considering the area, we are primarily a white school, but do have other minorities that attend our school. In terms of religion, our school has nearly any denomination of Christianity, but no religious beliefs are ever forced on students. We do have a chapel for mass three times a week and students are invited but not forced to attend. Most of our students come from Pennsylvania, but we do have lots of states and even other countries represented here at Mount Aloysius. MAC does have a good amount of nontraditional students and commuters along with our 500 or so residents. MAC prides itself on the values of mercy and is very open to anyone who comes here and welcomes them with open arms.


Many of the students at the Mount are from the area or within a short driving distance. I live three hours from Altoona but the culture isn't much different. The campus is primarily christian, caucasian and a lot of females. However, we do have students from other countries and many other states. The typical clothes for class are jeans (sweats for a lot of nursing students!) with either a nice top or a cute hoodie. The weather gets pretty cold pretty fast so boots and warm clothes are a staple around here!


There is a nice variety of different types of people. It is very easy to find somebody to hang out with. I don't feel like anybody should feel out of place here, because everybody is very welcoming. Most students wear sweatpants or jeans to class, the typical college student attire. There is a lot of merging of different types of students here. Most students are from Pennsylvania and within a two hour drive.


I would say we have the typical students you have at any other college at our school. We have people from all over the country, and a few from other countries too. The majority of student come from the local area, but there seems to be a place for everyone here. There are enough clubs and organizations that any student can find a place to fit in. People tend to be open to meeting new people and all the groups tend to blend together. It is very seldom that you don't have anyway to say hi to or anything when walking to class. Everyone knows just about everyone.


Mainly on this campus is a white majority. However, other ethnic backgrounds are prevalent too. The socio-economic statuses vary immensely, but most people on campus have humble personalities. They do not boast about the job they will obtain in the future or the money they will make. For most this is an undergraduate school, so we all have a ways to go before we hit the finish line. Groups of people interact on a daily basis whether through class group work, sports, or the clubs. During meals times people do have their close group of friends, but because class times vary people do not consistently sit with the same groups of people. To be totally honest, I could not say where people stand politically. I am not actively involved with politics on this campus.


Most people that attend this school are from Pennsylvania. However, we do have a fairly large out of state population. I have known students here that are from England, New Hampshire, New Jersey, California, Puerto Rico, Maryland, Texas, Massachusetts, and Virginia just to name a few. The weather dictates what students where to class. I find the campus to made up of good people that are easy to get along with.


The Mount Aloysius College community has a variety of different races, religions, and socio-economic statuses. The diversity is great, and speaking from experience, has broadened my understanding of different cultures and backgrounds. The students come from all over, even countries like Mexico, China, and Puerto Rico. There seems to be no problem with students interacting with each other and having great discussion.


It's a catholic college, but it' not what you think there are a lot of open minded ideas. There are a ton of clubs and activities to do here. I think our students are from all different backgrounds.


I have been involved in LGBT and they have alot of pride at this school.Our students join clubs to find places they belong and to meet new people. Most students involved in campus clubs are in multiple clubs with a variety of people. We hve over 100 clubs that can be joined and are offered to every major. All the studetns interact differently there isnt really any loners or defined groups. I mean the teams of athletes usually sit together but, there are often others that join in t the tables and most of the time they are together because they just came from a game or they re going to practice. The students come from all over the world/ country. We have a mix of financial backgrounds and everyone has their own story.


Most of the students are really accepting and want to get to know you for who you are, not what you look like.


The students at Mount Aloysius come from many different states and a feww different countries. Most students coome from middle class families. Most students are also either catholic or christian.


Growing up in a small town, there was not a lot of different ethnic groups and coming here to the Mount gave me the experience of meeting people of different ethnics. No student would not feel out of place here at the school, students interact with each other. In the cafeteria the tables are a mix of the different students. Students here come from different places, and usually you can find people from out of state. A lot of the students here are focused on their academics and not so much on how much they will earn someday.


I am a nursing student and my classmates are pretty much divided into the younger students fresh out of high school and the older students that are parents or already have a full time jobs. It is pretty much an equal split among male and female also.


Small classes with who are willing to work with each other and show the mercy values.


my classmates are amazing and successful people.


My classmates are hard working, determined, and great to be around.


Most are very down to earth and fun to be around. Others are uptight and very goody-goody. And others yet still act like we are in highschool. Its a very very small campus, noone has any secrets, and everyone knows everybody.


I see them all day everyday.


My classmates are very accepting for the most part.