Mount Aloysius College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


We are best know for our boy's basketball team and our girl's soccer team. Vox Nova is also important; it offers a scholarship to students who enter this elite choir after having successfully completed an adition.


I would have to say that Mount Aloysius is best known for the service that we do for the community and surrounding areas. Each and every student is required to do forms of service, but when it comes down to it, students love being a part of something bigger than themselves.


I love that our campus brings a hypnotist to the school at the beginning of every year! It's amazing! I never thought I would believe in that kind of stuff, but it is crazy the things he makes people do. We always get very well known hypnotists to come. It's a very popular event to get the year rolling! Another tradition I love is MOUNTIE MADNESS! Every year our school has a sort of "pep assembly" to introduce the men's and women's basketball teams. They have games, prizes, food and a dance afterwards! It's always a packed event and really shows our school pride.


small class sizes and mercy values and the religious background!


Every year at the beginning of December, The Mount hosts a dinner theater that mimics the Christmas traditions of the Middle Ages. Student, staff, and loyal Madrigal-goers absolutely RAVE about this event for years!


Since I'm a freshman, I haven't gotten the chance to figure out my favorite campus tradition.


I'm not really sure what my favorite campus tradition is....I do really enjoy Mountie Maniac. Mountie Maniac is a day to introduce the basketball teams, but it's so much more. Almost the whole campus shows up to the gym in Mount Aloysius gear and cheers on the team and just has a lot of fun.


My school is best known for its student-faculty ratio. The college ratio is 14:1 and the school has a 58.9 percent of its classes with fewer than 20 students.


Humans v. Zombies games, Relay for Life, Halloween Dance, and October Fest.


It is best known as a Catholic school that is small.


My school is best known for being founded by the Sisters of Mercy.


their amazing nursing program as well as their American Sign Language interpreting program. the school is very focused on community service and giving back to the community.


Small town setting and Catholic background, and baseball