Mount Aloysius College Top Questions

Describe your school to someone who's never heard of it.


Mount Aloysius College is a private school tucked away in the mountain range, located in the tiny town of Cresson, PA. Many people who have never heard of Cresson know where are neighboring towns of Altoona and Ebensburg are located. Our school is always well-kept and flouishing. We have woods surrounding the campus, lots of trees and old brick buildings, it's very pretty! As far as everything else, we don't have a huge student population, but kids are always out and about. You'll always be able to find someone you know nearby. It's a wonderful school :)


There are no words to describe Mount Aloysius - experience it for yourself and visit campus!


The Mount is such a unique place that I'm not really sure that there is any particular way to descirbe it. Basically, it is just a small school that has a great group of students and an amazing faculty/staff. There aren't really cliques here like in high school, everybody talks to everybody. And the professors truly care about you in other aspects of your life, not just your academics.


Small private school. Filled with great people. Great value for such a small college.


Small, personal, and focused.