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I like their focus on religion. You are reaquired to take 2 religious courses to attend. I don't have a huge backround in religion. It opens up a new light of knowledge for me.


Don't worry, we love to have fun at Mount Aloysius, but leave your hard partying at the big state schools! We have a strict dry campus policy (no alcohol allowed, even if you're 21+) and have quiet hours after 10 pm - 10 am. Students that come here are serious about studying and don't like being kept up with loud music. Despite that fact, we offer many dances and parties during the school year that are loads of fun, including Halloween and Valentines Day dances, glow in the dark and St. Patty's day parties, and PROM!


As I have said before, I love this college even though it has it's fault. Who really wants to walk 10 minutes through snow to get back to your dorm after a late night Sheetz run? It can get really boring here on the weekends when everybody but you and one other person on your floor go home. Everybody has their complaints about the school, but overall I think it is a great school and is a great fit for a lot of people.


There are positives and negatives as with any school, but overall it's a pretty great place with a good academic program.


Mount Aloysius is a small campus. Having small class sizes allows me to speak to my professors and get help when I need it. I also feel that the tutoring on this campus is a lot better than other colleges. If you don't understand something, this college is always here to help you.


I love how small and personal Mount Aloysius College is.


The campus size is perfect for me. I took high school online, and the Mount is a small school. The Mount just feels like home, the campus is beautiful and everyone is very welcoming. When I heard the ratio of students to teachers is usally less than 20 I knew this was the school for me. I can get one on one time with my teachers if I'm ever confused about something.


This school focuses on academic success. There is rarely any parties, if ever. The college is made up of traditional students, and about just as many non-traditional students. The campus is a great choice for those with children. There is even a daycare on campus.


It small student body.


The campus was originally established by the Sister's of Mercy to provide education to young women who would otherwise not have the opportunity. The college prides its self on maintaining these values first established by the Sisters of Mercy. Many events on campus are geared toward helping others, becoming a better christian, and establishing a well rounded educational background to become a prosperous individual in society. The campus, through the implementation of the values created a prosperous environment for education and personal self development.