Mount Aloysius College Top Questions

Tell us about the food and dining options.


Here at the Mount we have two standard meal plans: 15 meals a week or 19 meals a week. 19 meals a week allows you to eat on weekends, which is great for resident students who don't get to go home on weekends, or even residents who think they might eat on one of the days of the weekend. The food is all you can eat! We have a great variety. Very good salad bar, sandwich bar, set up like subway where the staff will make it how you want it. We have about every kind of cereal you can think of if you don't like whats for lunch that day! I personally LOVE breakfast food for any meal. We have a large variety of desserts and ice cream choices also! If you don't want to eat in the dining hall, there is also a place called the MAC Shack. Here you can get a quick on the go meal. They have amazing chicken salads btw ;). You can also buy little snack foods, and again, everything here is made as you order it. It allows you to grab a meal and head off to class if needed, take the meal back to your dorm, or even just go outside and eat at the picnic table on a nice day :). For commuters, either meal plan is available, but we also have commuter meal plans, where you can purchase a 50 block plan or 35 block plan for the semester, which is good when you decide you want food on one day you're up on campus. And then, for the people who don't want Mount food at all, Cresson is loaded with food places, whether it's Chinese, Italian, pizza places, or Sheetz!


The Mount offers a couple different dining options on campus, including the cafeteria open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the week and brunch and dinner on weekends with a buffet style menu. The MAC Shack offers grab-and-go snacks and meal exchange options for students that on the go. If you need a late night snack after dinner, McDonalds, several pizza shops that deliver to your dorm, and Sheetz is just down the street for your food fix!


Im a very picky eater, but most nights I can manage to find something to eat in the cafeteria. The one downside is that we only have one cafeteria and then one snack shack where you can get snacks to go.


You either have the cafeteria which is buffet style every day, or you have MAC Shack, where you can order a variety of options.


During the week you get three meals a day and on weekends there are two meals a day. There are also opportunities to get on-the-go meals from the Mac Shack