Mount Aloysius College Top Questions

Tell us about the sports scene on campus.


We have a large number of sports to choose from year round. MAC has indoor women's volleyball, men and women's basketball, baseball, softball, cross country, and tennis. Basketball is the big thing right now. Our teams are doing awesome! Lots of people come to support. It really shows how much pride our school has :)


Those are our big three sports here at The Mount. We are a division three school and have tons of Mountie pride!


Althoigh the school isn't very big and a lot of the student population are commuters, sporting events are "big" at the school. I have big in quotations because they aren't like the football games you see on tv, but instead they are big for the campus community size.


There are 13 varsity sports here on campus, as well as others like dance and cheerleading. The college is small enough that several athletes are in two sports. Basketball games are huge here at the Mount. Every teams supports the other teams from the cafeteria to the trainers room. Athletes, teachers, and other students alike are always wishing each other good luck.


A lot of people play sports and Mount Aloysius is a great place for opportunities for high schoolers looking to play a college sport. Everybody is very enthusiastic about sporting events and they are well-attended.