Mount Aloysius College Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


All of the professors I have had since I have started here have known my name. The president of the college, Dr. Tom Foley, actually sat in a ceramics course I was enrolled in and now he as well knows my name. My favorite class is one of my Criminology courses. Since I am a senior this year, my classes are very centralized and small. The biggest class I am in probably has 25 people in it. The education at this school is geared toward obtaining the knowledge to be in the real world and succeed. We have a 97% job placement rate here. To be on the Dean's list here, one must obtain a 3.5 or higher, which I have done every semester since starting college. A 3.8 or higher is needed to become a member of the Honor Society, which is by invitation only. I am also a member of that society. Students in my department always have intellectual conversations about the criminal justice field. Class participation is a must for achieving understanding and making the most of the course.


Our school does a great thing by teaching in a clinical and classroom setting. With small class sizes, it's easy to have a one on one connection with professors while learning new concepts in the classroom and then simulating in the lab what you've learned. Our professors are highly trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of their field. They are willing to help all hours of the day until you master the concepts learned in class. My favorite classes are lab classes. In the lab, we actually simulate exactly what we will be doing in clinical and can practice all we want. As hands on learner, I've found this to be the greatest advantage of our college.


The classes and professors are awesome here at the school. The professors want to see you succeed and do your best in all of your classes. We are a small campus, so all the professors get to know you on a first name basis. The classes challenged you to be the best you can be, and to learn as much as you can. I am an Information Technology major and I get to work in all aspects of the major. I have the ability to program and work on hardware. I love this major and the opportunities I am given with it.


The academics at my school are definitely top notch. Each of my professors knows my name and are focused on seeing their students do well. My favorite classes are anatomy and psychology. Both of the teachers make their classes fun while being an effective teacher. They can relate their lessons to life because they contribute stories and examples. All of my classes are challenging but the teachers design them that way to make the students engaged in thir learning and able to retain the information being taught. In each of my classes participation is also common. Everyone asks questions and becomes a part of the lesson. Outside of the classroom I constantly see people studying or going to the library to work on papers and projects. Many go above and beyond to get the "A" in their classes.


This is definitely the most positive thing about this school. If you are going to college to get a degree(which is the point) than this is a good school to look into. The class sizes are small and intimate ranging from 15-25 students in a given class. The professors know your name by week 2 and by the end of the semester you have already been able to talk to your professor one on one for individual help in a class, made study partners because you have a lot of students who are in multiple classes with you, and even gotten a peer tutor to help you stay on track. The classes here aren't easy. I know that as a biology major studying happens every night for me and that the degree i earn here will be well looked upon. Things like class participations are encouraged in every class and each class brings a different aspect of learning. This is not a school that you can just blow on through, it takes hard work and effort.


The class sizes are small once you get into your discipline which means that your professors are going to know who you are along with your strengths and weaknesses. They get to know you and then are able to help you strengthen your weaknesses and are able to help you get internships based on your strengths. The professors are extremely knowledgeable and even if there is something that they are unsure of, they will work with you to find the answers to your questions. The fact that your teachers really know you and really help you, enables you to succeed in almost anything you want to do.


Mount Aloysius is a study-intensive school. The college strives to make sure that each individual student gets the well-rounded education they came for. Class sizes are small, making it easy to learn. Everyone knows your name. The professors are always available to help anyone who may need it. Professors see who is trying and who isn't, they all want their students to succeed in everything they do. Our college offers a wide range of majors. Along with quite a few minors and master's programs. Everyone is sure to find a major they want to pursue at MAC, and once a student becomes enrolled at the college, they are on their way to success.


All my professors know my name and are willing to answer any questions I have. Like all schools it is necessary to study for the classes, but the students that study on a regular basis are always well prepared for tests. Class participation is very common here on campus. The small class sizes help to make even the most shy person comfortable participating in class. Many discussions about classes take place at the lunch and dinner tables. The tutoring program on campus is great. There are professional tutors with drop in hours at no cost to anyone who uses their services. There are also many peer tutors. i'm in the biology program, and by half way through my freshman fall semester I know all the professors in the department. The staff here are very focused on learning for its own sake, but make sure that learning will make you highly qualified for your dream job.


The classes here at Mount Aloysius are definitely challenging, but at the same time, easy to obtain help to enable you to succeed. The free tutoring is a great feature because a student can schedule a peer or professional tutor 100% FREE and get the help they need to do well in the class. Professors at MAC definitely know your name. The class sizes are so small that they pretty much have to which is a good thing. Professors are also very concerned in student advancement and want to see us succeed. They are very easy to contact for help or simple clarification of a topic and are happy to help.


Mount has an excelent nursing 2+2 program which allows you to work as you finish your bachelor's degree. The professors get to know you personally due to all the time they spend with students in the classroom, at clinical sites, and at tutoring. It's nice that as a freshamn I was able to have patients to know if this major was for me and it definitely is!


Here at MAC it is hard to walk through campus without a faculty member calling out to you by name. You will quickly form close relationships with your professors and they genuinely care about your success. Many students form study groups outside of class and are very welcoming to other students joining. The medical-related labs here are very high-tech and realistic. Each professor is required to have office hours, in which you are welcome to stop by for extra help or just to talk. MAC has very high standards for the students academically, yet very few students are unable to meet these requirements, because there are so many ways to get extra help.


This school is looked at as a great school to employers (this is what I am told). I think this is becasue we are given a lot more hands on exprience than some places. Take my major for instance, which is Medical Imaging. We spend just as much time in a clinical setting as we do learning in a classroom. By the time we finish school we are able to do the job the way an employer wants us to. The same goes for the other medical fields. As for the rest of the acadmics at this college, they are also very hands on and most professors are willing to do the extra work it takes to help a student fully understand the material being taught.


Professors know everyone by on a first name basis. This campus is actively involved in making sure attendance is a part of the grade. Participation is also sometimes accounted for as well. Studying outside the classroom is common among students on campus. The library allows for interactive studying among groups and allows for professors to also meet with students other than office hours. My major is Pre-Physician Assistant. Most of my studies are concentrated in the Biology department. This school has high academic requirements, but they do not try to make anyone fail. Help is always offered in any subject. For the future, I hope this education furthers me into graduate school to earn my final degree and get into the real world job force.


I feel the academics at our school are very good. Being that we have small class sizes the professors know us by name and take a genuine interest in our success. They are always available for help when it is needed. I think the variety of classes that are offered here not only prepare us for getting a job, they make us a more well rounded person. Students that are serious towards their academics put in the time that is necessary to succeed while others who neglect their studies have to deal with the consequences. If students ever have any trouble in their classes there are lots of resources to utilize that will help them with their problems.


The academics at our school is great. Being a Pre-Physical Therapy major, the majority of my classes are sciences, and the majority of the professors have obtained their doctorate degree in that subject. The professors are more than willing to spend time outside of class reviewing materials with you or helping when there isn't much understanding. The school also offers tutoring by staff and students that are free to students outside of the teacher, so it helps students do their best.


I know all of my professors names and some what of what thy like to do outside of school. on my floor of the dorm it's actually kind of quiet everyone is always in there room studying or just hanging out, but i know that peopl are busy because in the lunch line or in class you can hear about all the different things that they are doing. the education here isn't just about learning the professors actually want to help you toward your goal. They care about you.


The academics are prime. We have small classes and all your professors know you by name. By the end of every semester you have a new favorite professor and they usually become a friend you can go to when you need them on campus. We are very competitive students and we have intellecutaul conversations outside of class usually in the lounge areas around campus. My major is Psychology with a specification in Forensic Investigation and a minor in Criminology.


The class sizes are small and the professors get to know you by name really quickly. Studying depends on your major and how well you want to do (just like at any other school). Students are competitive inside the classroom, but still great friends outside the classroom.


The academics at Mount Aloysius are very good because the class sizes are very small and this allows your professor to know you by name and get to work with you one on one. Another great thing is that the professors always have there office doors open and encourage you to go see them if you are having trouble with anything.


Most professors are on a first name basis with their students. Also, our president Dr. Tom Foley and his family can be seen at nearly every althetic event and any big activities on campus and loves to converse with students. Most of the majors hold a high standard for their academics, but the professors will bend over bckwards to help out any student in need. Peer and professional tutors are available at no cost to the students. We take academics seriously, but we have so many options in order to help anyone who may be struggling.


The pofessors here all know your name because the classes are small. Personally, my favorite class is biology because it is really interesting and the professor is funny. My least favorite class is chemistry just because it is a lot of work. Students study every night and for each student it varies on how long they study for. Class participation is very common because it helps a student learn. I am in the physical therapy department and there is a lot of competition to get into geaduate schools so you have to be at your best in every class. The school's academic requirements are good and they will help you to get into a graduate school. The education here is geared towards you getting a job and leaning everything you need to know.