Mount Aloysius College Top Questions

What are your classes like?


My classes are very focused on learning about the Criminal Justice Field. I have about 13 people in my smallest class, about 25 in my largest.


Don't want to sit in lecture hall with 150 strangers listening to someone lecture on material that's not even on the test? Mount Aloysius had a 14:1 student to faculty ratio, and most classes have under 25 students enrolled per semester. Professors and students are usually on a first-name basis, and it's easy to catch up on notes and ask your professor for extra help outside of the classroom. If you show initiative and effort, you will succeed. Warning: professors take attendance and it does affect your grade! But, that shouldn't be a problem for students that take studies seriously. If you're paying for it, you might as well endure it!


As a science major there is a lot to learn. Most of my classes are pretty demanding, but my hard work pays off in the end. The dedication that I have learned in my first three years of college will stick with me and help me to succeed in graduate school.


The class size, even as a freshman is no more than 25 at most. The teachers are always willing to help. It's impossible to get lost in the crowd. Teachers call on you by your first name. The classes are set up to allow you to use the knowledge youi are recieving and apply it to the real world. The classes aren't just a teacher lecturing at you. The teachers actually teach. They'll stop and answer any and all questions and put in extra time with you if you are struggling.


I love my classes this year! Being that I am now an upper classmen, I am finishing up on core courses and taking a few electives. I have more free time in my schedule this year without RAD clinicals. It's really nice :) I love my MRI classes because it's exciting to know that I am almost done with school, and by the end of this year I can be certified in MRI. It's crazy to think that within the next year I'll be out in the real world!


Classes are very small and very focused. The professors really get to know you.