Mount Aloysius College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


My school doesn't have an art program for those students who wish to persue a degree in art. Students can either enter the school as undecided, get their basic degree and go on to a school at which they can pursue art or they choose a different school.


I will start my first semester in the fall. So far the only thing about the college I don't like is my one hour commute other than that everything has been a positive experiance.


The worst thing about my school? The fakeness of most of the staff, excluding the nuns. I loath whenever professors are nice to you in class and on campus but if you were to see them out in public, they are so rude and try to avoid your pressence.


The cost. It is very expensive to go to Mount Aloysius College compared to all of the other schools around. I am in the Nursing program, and it's hard to have a job and still get all of my studying done, but I really need the money.


Parking!!! I commute and all my classes are in 1 building. I have to park a major distance away from my class building and walk. This is great exercise and not so bad in the spring and fall. However, it is cold and windy. I don't have time to spend the winter being sick.


The seats in the classrooms. Old fashioned desk. Would rather see tables and chairs.


i like small school size and there are a lot of benefits to it however i think the worst thing is the small residential population, if more people lived on campus it'd be a perfect sized school