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What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


Mount Aloysius College is a private college, which means that the tuition is a bit higher than average colleges or universities. The stereotype is that everyone comes from a wealthy background and can afford it. That is not the case at all. Approximately 90 percent of our students receive some sort of financial aid. Also, there are grants and scholarships one can apply for to help fund their years at Mount. I myself use loans, scholarships, and financial aid to help pay for college.


There is not a sterotype at Mount Aloysius!


There is not a sterotype at Mount Aloysius!


I do not think there is a stereotype of students at our school. We are a Catholic school and some might think we push this onto our students to be Catholic as well, but this is not the case at all. Everyone is free to practice their own faith.


The stereotype of the students at this college is that all are friendly and welcoming. This is definitely true. I came here not knowing a single person and in a matter of a few days I already had many friends.


There is a variety of different types at our school. Of course we have the jocks who get their way, the perfect students that learning just seems to come naturally to them, the students who are just here because parents tell them it is what to do, and the complete bums who won't make it to next semester, but the majority of the students here are like me. We are hard working in our classes because we want to succeed while at the same time enjoying social lives with new friends that we meet.


Mount Aloysius College seems to be one of the few schools that doesn't really have stereotypes. Everyone of course is going to have their own little group of friends, but I have been on this campus for three years, and I don't feel like I belong to a certain stereotype. I don't feel that our students label each other as much here. We're all one big group of friends :)


This is not accurate. Mount Aloysius may be a private school, but they offer many forms of financial aid that makes it very affordable. There are also many denominations here on campus. Being Catholic isn't a requirement, and you do not have to attend mass.


As cliche as it sounds, MAC has a lot of students that are more than willing to spend time tutoring fellow students, getting together for study groups, and volunteer with Campus Ministry activities. It's really sweet the many people, even the president, will hold doors open for everyone!


There is no one stereotype at Mount Aloysius College. There is a great variety of people here and it's easy to find friends.


Just like any other school, you have the typical stereotypes of jock, geeks, etc., but most of them jsut blend together. They are not all seperated like some places. No on ever really fits one specific stereotype.


At Mount Aloysius social divisions are not majorly prevalent. There are no frats or sororities that clump major groups of people together. Friends are easy to make at a small and inviting campus.


We have a small friendly campus here at Mount Aloysius College. For the most part we all know each other. Certainly we hang out with people based on the activities that we participate in. For instance, people that are in certain clubs will hang out with each other and teammates on the different sports teams will hang out with each other.


The Mount Aloysius College community doesn't stereotype individuals. Every individual is accepted, and there aren't really definitive groups.


as far as i've seen thre really aren't any we are such a small school and evryone comes from differnt backgrounds.


The sterotype is that we ar all rich good Catholics. This stereotype is wrong. Most of the students that attend our campus are not Catholic and all the student that go here getscholarships to attend. Most of the stuents woul not be able to attend this college without the support of financial aid from the colleges sponsers.


I wouldn't really say that there is an exact stereotype here, a lot of people are athletes, tour guides, and get good grades, but they still go out and have fun occasionally too.


At Mount Aloysius there are not really stereotypes I mean we have athletes and they mostly hang out with other athletes and we have your average students who are involved in all kinds of different activities and then you have your nerdy more different type of students, but it is not like those groups dont get along. At mount aloysius there is not really seperation between stereotypes or groups of people.


Th Mount has an electic array of students. There are some althetes, traditional and nontraditional students, medical field students, business major... we have the works!


There are different types of stereotypes like medical people, the scholarly people, and the jocks.