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Recent Reviews

What is your overall opinion of this school?

The best thing is the pretty campus and the huge international community!!'s just right!!....well i get mixed reactions...

What is your overall opinion of this school?

The best thing is the pretty campus and the huge international community!!'s just right!!....well i get mixed reactions....some get really impressed and go wow.....nd some go 'are you a lesbian?"

Describe the students at your school.

I dont think any kind of student will feel out of place here as the student body here is very diverse, comprising students of almost all racial and religious backgrounds!

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?

Not entirely.....but about 30% accurate!!

What are the academics like at your school?

some of them......economics classes with Jim Hartley are my favorite!....Sttudents study a loottt!!...most unique class-folk dancing! was a loot of fun!!

What are the most popular student activities/groups?

I am involved with the fusion dance team here - Jhumka....which is pretty popular on and off campus! comments!;)......met my closest friends during 2am...studyiing....or facebookinggg;D!!....traditions....elfingg....hracious dinners, m&cs.....people party a lot...but da parties are not very exciting....

What is your overall opinion of this school?

I love Mt Holyoke for its diversity. It has one of the largest acceptance rates for international students, and this helps i...

What is your overall opinion of this school?

I love Mt Holyoke for its diversity. It has one of the largest acceptance rates for international students, and this helps in building a global culture. The college promotes and supports diversity and the huge array of cultures that co-exists exceptionally well in a small college community. We have 'gracious dinner' nights with different themes, such a Chinese Gracious night or Mexican Gracious night. This is usually held by the language departments but does a great job at fostering cultural awareness. Besides diversity, Mt Holyoke surreal location is captivating. Its a clash of history and modernity. The new technologically advanced science building, Kendade, with plush couches and winding stairwells is connected to a towering Victorian looking building, Clapp, made out of old red brick with ivy growing on its walls. That would be something that Mt Holyoke has been doing right for a long time: preserving the old while promoting the new. We are simply very different from so many other colleges that I have visited. Residence Halls are scattered across campus amidst academic buildings, and the environment is not commercial at all. There aren't any small outlet stores or coffee houses inside the college campus, though we do like to complain a lot about a lack of Starbucks in the vicinity. The worst thing about Mt Holyoke though is that you can't really do anything without a car. We're situated in South Hadley, which is a small college town, and is lifeless after 7 at night. The public transportation system is not the best in the world, though there is the PVTA, which is the bus service that runs through the 5 colleges - Hampshire, Amherst, UMass, Smith, and Mt Holyoke, through sometime in the morning to 2 at night. This is a lot of help but it could get painful to go anywhere outside the 5 college area.

Describe the students at your school.

No student could ever feel out of place at Mt Holyoke. Everyone finds their niche eventually. You can find people who walk on heels when there's sleet outside as well as people who wear Uggh boots with a pair of shorts and a bikini top on a sunny day. You will find loads of girls in sweat pants and many more in jeans, but dressing up for class is not much of a Mt Holyoke culture. As I said before, we have a unique student body. There are a lot of rich kids who sport Polo wear, ride horses on the Equestrian team, and feel kindred with their Gucci bags, while there are others who wear the same sweatshirt seven days in a row. There are the 'Lunar Howlers' who like to howl at the full moon from the Amphitheater (and other locations too, like the parking hill near Ham Hall), and we even have a knitting club, where we sit back, relax, knit away to glory. We usually like to bundle up because its cold most of the times, and snuggling with each other is a common thing at Mt Holyoke. Mt Holyoke is different because its student body, which is a large population of smart women, are very comfortable with each other. We are very physical with you friends, we hug a lot, we like to stay cozy, we walk mighty close to each other, and we kiss a lot too. At the start of the semester if you hear a shriek and you turn to see what the commotion is about, then you'll find two women bounding towards each other, and one simply jumps on the other and they bounce around hugging and gushing for at least five minutes. We love our ladies here at Mt Holyoke, and we love because we're a big family...all of us!

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?

Mt Holyoke has the the most uniquely diverse population that I have ever come across. So it does not come as a surprise when you find all sorts of people here. Mt Holyoke is definitely not dominated by one type of culture or student body. Everyone will be able to find their niche, and its just a matter of looking around carefully. In reality, you will be able to find a whole bunch of people who actually have boyfriends, a lot of overachievers and, I guess some of us still do burn our bras!

What are the academics like at your school?

Mt Holyoke is popular for its Science departments and my favorite professor, so far, has been from the Biology department too. Stan Rachootin is a total sweetheart. I'm not a science persona at all, and my concentration is Economics and English, but I had to take a class in the science department for my liberal arts prerequisite. I took BIO 145: Nature Harmoniously Confus'd, and it was taught by the most unconventional, hilariously engaging, charming, and adorable professor. Stan taught me how to appreciate the cuteness of a duckweed, helped me overcome my fear of snakes (at least that one time when he brought his son's PET SNAKE, named 'Snakie', to class), and I had never enjoyed science, cells, Archae or E-Coli more. If you go to Mt. Holyoke, you cannot leave without taking a class with Stan or just talking about life in general with him. He's a babe. A lot of students like to study at the college library, which has become a social place to hang out with friends, drink coffee at Rao's, or take a nap in the Info Commons. The work load is enormous at Mt Holyoke. Professors like to believe that students don't have a life and will actually be studying or writing papers all the time. So you will see a lot of people slaving away on their laptops or complaining about their work every single day of the week. One of the coolest departments at Mt Holyoke is the English Department. It is filled with a whole bunch of intellectual professors who know what they are talking about. I have taken classes with a couple of British professors, and they are adorable when they talk about Shakespeare in their English accents. The department offers a wide variety of unique courses, some of which are inter-linked with history requirements or critical social thought requirements. Class participation is a major component of almost all the classes at Mt Holyoke. They even constitute some percentage of the total grade in some classes. Students talk about issues from current ones to prehistoric debates, and Mt Holyoke women are very passionate about matters that they believe in which leads to stimulating class discussions. Such intellectual discussions are not limited to within class room walls. The campus center is teeming with people debating over environmental issues as well as presidential candidates.

What are the most popular student activities/groups?

When I first came to Mt Holyoke I thought that I'd turn into a recluse for life. There were hardly any parties, and all the parties were full of girls. But then you slowly realize, that you need to meet more people to actually get into the right parties. You need to make connections across the 5 colleges, and just have loads of friends. Most of the times, Mt Holyoke Parties begin at 10:30 and go up to 2 in the morning. The big ones like Las Vegas Night, Drag Ball, Undressage parties (organized by the Dressage team), and MHACASA parties (by the Mt Holyoke African Caribbean Student Association) are the popular ones. A recently successful party was Speed Dating and the after party called 'Turn Me On', which was a black light party. We had guests who came all the way from Washington D.C. just for the party. A lot of kids from Boston, and around the Mass area show up for the popular parties at Mt Holyoke. Besides the big one, Mt Holyoke has a bunch of room parties every weekend, somewhere or the other. Students can get into any residence hall till 3 in the morning and after that they can only get into their own residence hall using their student card which is popularly known as 'THE ONE CARD'. We don't only party at Mt Holyoke though. Our debate society is great with its annual tournaments that it holds, the weekly ones that it attends. There are many popular club sports that we are passionate about, one which is Rugby. The Rugby team at Mt Holyoke has one of the nicest people on college who know how to play hard and party harder. Club sports may be popular, but Mt Holyoke Varsity Sports are intense. Practices are held almost every morning or evening and there is no goofing around, because we mean business with our varsity people!

What is the stereotype of students at your school?

Stereotypes about Mt Holyoke range from 'no one is straight', to 'everyone is an overachiever', to 'they still burn their bras.'

What is your overall opinion of this school?

Best thing about MHC: the classroom. everyone wants to participate and you learn from every other student and they help to ...

What is your overall opinion of this school?

Best thing about MHC: the classroom. everyone wants to participate and you learn from every other student and they help to shape your own viewpoints. One thing I would change: I would completely rebuild our indoor athletic facility. Just not a good building. School size: Just right for me, small liberal arts. Reaction: Where is that? Isn't that all-women's? Why do you go there?...other people who know it say "Oh great school!" Spend the most time: Dorm room or athletic facility "What college town?"....the college towns are down the road (Amherst, Northampton) Administration: Very close to students and do their best to meet students' needs. Some departments are better than others, as to be expected. For the most part, we have a great administration. Controversy: Transgendered students is pretty big, when will the new dorm open. School Pride: Among alumnae and athletes there is a great deal of school pride. not much anywhere else. Unusual: We get milk and cookies every evening in our dorms from 9:30pm-10pm...we love it, Experience I will remember: Tearing my ACL in a soccer game against Clark U. Complaints: Wasting energy/resources, FinAid

Describe the students at your school.

There are many opportunities to share perspectives between cultural orgs, religion and sexual orientations. We have a lot of student orgs that pertain to different backgrounds as well as cultural houses. A non-academic oriented everyday, all day party girl would feel very out of place here at MHC. Most students wear jeans/t-shirts/casual shoes...or sweatpants! Everyone interacts in class regardless of differences. Four tables at the dining hall: 1) My table: varsity athletes that are loud and probably talking about sex and related issues, making lots of jokes 2) the Asian table 3) the nerdy girls who are quiet, stay in and have squeaky laughs 4) the crew team Most MHC students are from the States, east coast but we do have a large CA population. We are almost 20% international students in addition. Very diverse. Financial backgrounds: Middle - upper middle class Students VERY politically aware, predominantly left Students don't talk about personal earnings.

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?

No, not everyone is homosexual, or liberal, or a party person.

What are the academics like at your school?

Professors know the majority of students by name. My favorite class was my first year English seminar in southern American lit. All the first-years took over the class and we got really into our discussions. I liked that right from the beginning the women in my class wanted to speak out. Class participation is a MUST! Many intellectual conversations happen outside of class, especially over meals. Students are not very competitive. The most unique course I took was Queer Theory in Latin America. Heavy stuff! I am a history and Spanish double major and both departments have incredible faculty. History offers many more courses than Spanish. I wish there were more seminars in the Spanish dept. because they offer really great ones. History is superb, the department unfortunately itself is in an attic! Because I am President of SGA most of my time outside of class is with students and administration, but I do know many professors see their students all the time outside of class. I see mine as much as I can. I think the academic requirements at MHC are very fair. They require us to go to all disciplines as well as expand to multicultural affairs and languages. MHC is geared toward education for the sake of learning. Much of it is extremely useful. I had a philosophy professor who liked to say his class was "use empty" instead of "useful" but it did not make it any less engaging.

What are the most popular student activities/groups?

Popular orgs/groups: Rugby team, Equestrian, the Network (social), Class Board, Student Government I'm highly involved with Student Government. I have served as a dorm Senator, Chair of Halls, Vice President and President. Dating: When you're gay, it's a lot easier. Being hetero and dating is a lot of work. Take me, I don't date! Some students leave doors open...about 15% I'd say. Athletic events rule! I go to many being an athlete and I think they are usually attended by other student athletes. Speakers are alright. Not many stir up controversy. But we get pretty strong speakers. Theater is great, needs help on facilities. I met my closest friends through athletics, I'd say. Most of them do a sport. People party Friday & Saturday usually. No frats/sororities Last weekend I got drunk and went to a dance! Watch movies with that a lot. Go to UMass or dinner in Northampton.

What is the stereotype of students at your school?

everyone is a lesbian, we are all liberal, we party a lot


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