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The main focuse of this school is to create strong articulate young women who are capable of speaking on a variety of subjects no matter their training. MoHos are always prepared to articulate a point on Social Justice or politics and feel free standing up for themselves when they are called upon to do so. It's commonly understood that graduates of women's colleges go on to become greats in their field. This is true of Mount Holyoke especially. Women who graduate from here are passionate and have a bright future in front of them.


Mount Holyoke is a tight knit community of highly intelligent and outgoing women. We're all aspiring to better the world in some way and are encouraged to be outspoken and to think creatively. We are an inclusive school knit together from people from around the world. Here I have met brilliant women from San Francisco, Kahzakstan, Beijing, Dallas, and Paris. The staff is phenomenal as well, six of the professors have been named in the top 100 best professors. And, if that's not enough, well, it also has horses and looks like Hogwarts. I swear it's real.


Mount Holyoke is an all women's college, which creates a unique atmosphere when compared to other schools I applied to. The student body is 1/4 international students, adding to the unique experience because campus life is very diverse.


What I really found unique when I visited Mount Holyoke was the atmosphere. There was a palpable sense of welcome everywhere on the campus. I was a bit lost trying to find the admissions department, and without even asking a student showed me the way. The community is really what's unique here; everyone is so friendly and accepting and has their own fascinating background to share. This makes every social interaction and classroom interaction a new and exciting experience!


Sometimes you love the school, and sometimes you hate it for all the same reasons. It's not your average college or university, but that's why many students go here. Visit. Definitely visit. That is what made be switch from Early Action Georgetown to Early Decision Mount Holyoke.


The decision to attend a women's college is a really personal decision. Some people don't care that MHC is single sex, others have been at single-sex schools all their lives, and still others are boy crazy and seem confused that boys don't flock here every weekend. I like being at a women's college because this experience has helped me to become friendlier, wiser, and more confident. Not everyone likes Mount Holyoke or any other women's college for the same reasons. Women's colleges are not for everyone. Personally, I love it. I don't hate men, either, by the way. I happen to be straight. Ultimately, Mount Holyoke is a place where you can explore your personality and your interests. You will be challenged, and, though it may be stressful, you will be proud of the skills you have gained. Whether you pick Mount Holyoke or not, I have some advice. Pick a college or university that you think is best for you. Not your parents, your grandparents, or your siblings. And PLEASE do not pick a school because of its ranking, and don't make your decision completely on the basis of prestige. Ranking systems are very furtive, and they are often not good assessments of a college or university. Do your homework and consult multiple sources! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me: [email protected]. And no, I don't work for admissions.


The school really is there for you and for the students. The teachers are there to teach and to help you and even the staff members and workers respect all the womens in this college with great respect. They show us the admiration they have for us for our hard-work.


MHC is a really amazing school and I think most students here are very happy!


It was all womens and it was the best liberal arts school I applied to.


All strong, powerful, amazing women. It's really cold and in the middle of nowhere. It encourages difference of opinion and belief and discussion.


It's all girls


The vast majority of people here are extremely friendly and honest. The small class size is beneficial and the professors truly care about their students. There is also ample opportunity for student research in their desired field.


It is all women, part of a five school consortiam, which was fantastic, and the riding team is very well respected. And it is extremely diverse, and extremely academic.


mhc is a great school, but it is not for everyone. Most people find that once they visit, they feel something about the school and are instantly connected to it, wanting to call it home (I did...). It has always been a second home to me and not once have I felt uncomfortable there. this is not to say I always enjoyed my time there, there have been times when I've felt lonely, homesick or desperate, but I have never disowned it as my home. I will always look back favorably, but it is a peculiar place so I advise doing your research before choosing a school. it has prepared me well for the world and I do feel above others sometimes when I say, I went to a women's college, I made wonderful friends, I focused and did wonderfully for 4 years and now I am more secure and independent than you!


First of all, we're an all women's college, and so that in itself is really unique. It sets up very different social dynamics than a co-ed college. We don't have as much crazy partying and pranks. The campus is always clean, we have a lot of funky traditions, very unique people, excellent facilities, and fresh air.


Everything and everyone is accepted.


I personally love Mt. Holyoke, it has really motivated me and pushed me to become a better student and also to become more active in things that may or may not directly effect me (like politics and foriegn affairs).


During freshman year I spoke with many students about why the chose Mount Holyoke. Surprisingly, a number of them had never really considered it seriously at first (myself included) as it was small, out of the way, and a women's college. Personally, I decided to give it a shot as it was interesting, though not striking. But since there was always the option of transferring, well why not try it. The summer before college I wasn't quite ecstatic. It took all of two days to change my mind. Now you couldn't pay me to transfer. For other students, it was the stay over that changed their mind. Staying at Mount Holyoke allows prospective students a much better chance to really get the feel of the school. I highly recommend one, even if you are only vaguely interesting. You might become one of us, a fanatic for the wondrousness of our school.


Many students do not care about hygiene. It is sometimes quite disgusting. There are many sexual assaults on campus. Most of the time, the parents are not aware of this. There was a rumor that Mt Holyoke has one of the highest suicide rates in the country.


I made a mistake deciding to come to Mt. Holyoke.


MHC has allowed me to find my academic passion, and has surrounded me with genius women who care deeply about the world. It has changed my life, and I encourage anyone to look seriously at it as an option for college.


iii don't think i left anything out....but it's hard to describe mt holyoke in a page.


Beware of being a Spring Admit!!! The college picks 50-70 students to start school in the spring semester of their freshman year instead of the fall. They don't tell you when you apply that this could happen, and you'll think that there must be some mistake or that you check the wrong box when filling out the application. But trust me its not you, it's them. Not going to lie its hard starting half way through a year. Everyone is already established in their own routine and knows what's going on. We were given a warm welcome but a brief and incomplete orientation. I struggled to figure out to get a work study job and how self scheduled exams work. It was nice in the fall because I was able to work and save some money, but now as enter my Junior Year I'm still 8 credits behind and rushing to catch up with the rest of my class, so that I can graduate on time. I am taking summer classes at home, but the college is picky about the credits that they will except form other institutions, which only makes it more difficult to catch up.


I dont recomend it unless your willing to tolerate the all girls thing or are willing to make the drive to umass or amherst


I love Mount Holyoke and am really glad that I decided to go there. I hardly notice the all women's environment and find that the school has a great learning atmosphere. Also the campus is breathtaking (Princeton review almost always has it in the top ten most beautiful college campuses). As an athlete I have found MHC to be the perfect balance between academics and sports. My classes come first and then my sport!


Go to school here if you want to come. Don't come because it is the "best school you got into" and you didn't get into tufts.


This is the most underrated school ever, its academics are amazing and every year we have a ton of students who are marshall, rhodes, winston churchill scholars and fullbright scholars.


It's a great school with great opportunities as long as you put in the effort and take advantage of what is there for you.


I got stuck with the roommate from hell. I stated quite clearly that I am anti-substance/drugs, am not comfortable having guys in the room, am extremely messy, like the temperature high, and am the lightest of sleepers. And what do you know, she wanted to have her new boyfriend stay over the third night we were here, hid tequila in her desk drawer (for which I personally could have gotten in trouble), griped about my piled desk (she piled stuff on the floor), and opened the window and turned off the heat before she left for three days and came back at 3 am. Thanks a lot, roommate-matching deities.


if you can stick it here, you can stick it anywhere


I really love MHC and MoHos in general. I leave my door unlocked all the time, and never have to worry about leaving my backpack alone in the library. There is such a huge range of personalities on campus that virtually everyone manages to find a group of friends to hang out with. Yesterday I was sitting next to a group of like 8 girls who were all playing on their game boys and talking about one of those online multi player games. There's also a bunch of girls who dress in capes and go to rocky horror every weekend, and another group of girls who go out to UMASS frat parties every day they can. Seriously, pretty much anyone can find some like-minded people here.




I may be in debt, but I wouldn't give up my Mount Holyoke experience for anything in the world.


i fucking hate it


Mt. Holyoke is the best school on the face of the earth! I love it!


Mount Holyoke is a wonderful place, it just takes some adjusting and a lot of girls leave because they aren't able to deal with it. It's a different kind of experience, an experience that you can't get anywhere else, and you have to think about the big picture to really understand why we do this. And we're not bitchy (the bitchy girls aren't usually willing to go to a women's college).