Mount Holyoke College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at Mount Holyoke College?


Huge LGBT population, super serious, politically active, slutty, smart


That we're pretty, study all the time girls that get blackout drunk on the weekends. Also that we're all lesbians.


Some common assumptions about women's colleges in general are that everyone is gay, that the few straight girls here are starving for male attention, that we're afraid of men, and that we're all militant feminists.


We are all brainy lesbians - or if we're straight, we're desperate for guys :P


That we are all interested in women.


We're all either feminist lesbians who want to escape "the real world" or we're man starved skanks who spend every spare moment partying at UMASS and Amherst.


liberal, gay, tree-hugging, intellectual, smart, independent, strong, well-rounded


Some stereotypes are that all girls at mount Holyoke are very very smart and all lesbians.


There are a lot of different stereotypes. Since we are an all girls school many males think we are "easy", and in some cases that can be the case (as with any school). There is also a stereotype of mount holyoke being a gay campus... yes we are very happy people and no we have no judgements about your orientation. We like you that way you are!


The question I am asked most frequently is if I'm a lesbian yet. The second most common question is "why did you give up on the male race?" This one comes most often from guys who can't gather enough mental capacity to form a better pick-up line. The truth is that yes, we do have more homosexuals percentwise than most schools. The other part of that is that not every girl who enters Mount Holyoke "gives up" on the male race, myself included. I'm still as straight as a pin, but i don't feel the need to refrain from friendships with lesbians and bisexual students.