Mount Holyoke College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The female that would attend this school is very bright and really very dedicated to her education. She has big plans for the future, even though they may not be finalized quite yet. She is very intelligent but also very social and good at communicating and knows how to use resources that are given to her. Despite the academic pressure, she knows how to have fun while succeeding.


Women who are excited about learning and who enjoy a challenge should attend Mount Holyoke. Students here tend to be social justice oriented and to think critically about the world. Driven students who are involved in their schools would enjoy being at Mount Holyoke.


The kind of person who attends Mount Holyoke is masochistic. The campus is beautiful, but the people who run the school purposely tries to break you because they want to wheedle out the week ones. The only counseling help at the school is peer counseling from children just as damaged as you.


An extremely hard-working and highly-motivated student should attend MHC. The community is very accepting of all people, but if you're not a hard worker, you probably won't survive/do very well compared to your peers. Someone who plans to change the world needs to go to MHC.




A person that is ready to sacrifice. South Hadley is a dead town, so if your from the city you are sacrificing a social life. Most people who immediately adjust well are those that are from Vermont, New Hampshire, Minnesota, etc.... However, one thing everyone has in common is their passion to learn, and do something big and important in the world. You have to be a person that knows how to make the best out of any situation.


A motivated young woman with a thirst for learning, who enjoys academia and sisterhood. Independent-minded free-thinkers do well at Mount Holyoke. It's a liberal place that supports all types of backgrounds, religions, races, and sexual orientations. Mount Holyoke has excellent science facilities as well as a writing center and top-notch sports centers. Because we don't have to compete with male students for resources, our sports teams have the best of the best. Our equestrian center is one of the highest rated in the country.