Mount Holyoke College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about Mount Holyoke College is the student voices are not being heard. Student voice is an important part of the student life at an institution. Mount Holyoke College lacks the ability to listen to the students opinions on how to possibly raise awareness of our wonderful community to prospective students. As current students, w know what possible future students are looking for in their new home. We, the students of Mount Holyoke, may have better ideas to capture the attention of future students and build our student body to where it should be.


It can be difficult to be a white middle class straight woman here. You are often white washed and painted as a type of person based on the color of your skin. While this is an important learning opportunity as an ally it can be hurtful when peers and friends refuse to acknowledge that they are doing something that hurts you.


The most frustrating thing about Mount Holyoke College is that it is so rural. Although there are busses that run and take you to places off campus that are much more geared toward urban life, it becomes difficult to even want to go out when you are trapped on campus. A lot of the time I feel people get trapped, yet there is always a way to get off campus. If there were more options closer to us I feel that it would be much less frustrating.




I was a theatre major, and the theatre facilities left something to be desired.


Dining Meal Plans


no guys :)


During my first and second year, the people were frustrating. Junior year, everything is all good. Its a matter of adjusting like anywhere else.


They include federal work-study as a large part of their financial aid package, but if you do not have a car, it is very difficult to get a job because so many are off campus, and they are off campus in places where the buses do not run. I am about to be a junior and have never been able to get a job through the college.


Tuition and financial aid continue to be frustrating aspects of this college. International students are known to get more aid and there is definitely an undercurrent of privileged students who don't have to worry about money issues.


That we aren't very close to a larger city.