Mount Mary University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is awesome, perfect for the student that needs more individual attention from the teachers and professors, and doesn't want to just be another number.


Mount Mary Univeristy is every bit Creative Campus it can get.


Mount Mary University cares about women's leadership and future.


Mount Mary is a women's university that emphasizes commitment, compassion, competence, and community.


Mount Mary College is like family.


Mount Mary College is a Catholic Higher Education Institution that is geared towards educating today's women and empowering them to explore careers that will expand their hopes and dreams. They have a wide range of undergraduate programs in the arts, business, health and sciences and very helpful admissions staff that help you explore your major and give you guidance along the way; which includes; scholarship opportunies, applying for financial aid, tutoring opportunities, and volunteer opportunities in the community; I applied to major in Nutrition and Dietetics and feel that I Iam ready to embark on this journey.


Mt. Mary College is a highly organized and professional institution at which one is guaranteed an enriching educational experience that prepares her for a successful future.


Mount Mary is very welcoming of all kinds of students.


Mount Mary is a very caring, loving and an amazing college to attend because of how much one on one attention you get as a student, and as a result, you learn better.


MMC is a very close knit community that focuses on the needs of students that will help them excel in a post-degree world.


Mount Mary College is located on a beautiful campus, has extraordinary faculty--better than any other faculty I have experienced--a diverse student body in age and ethnicities, and a strong sense of social justice found and encouraged in all classes, and it has made all the difference.


Mount Mary College provides and offers women the opportunity to make an impact in a society and a community, through leadership and maintaining integrity to their beliefs.


Mount Mary College provides a very excepting environment that emphasizes the empowerment and respect for women. I had never felt so comfortable in voicing my opinion during class. The teachers are very eager to help with any questions a student might have. Both advisors I had were amazing and patient. I had a hard time deciding between two majors and they were there for anything I needed. The financial aid office has also been very helpful in answering any questions regarding student loans and scholarships.


At Mount Mary College, the students, faculty, and staff are encouraging, diverse, compassionate, strong, committed, competant, and are always striving to generate bright new leaders for the future.


Mount Mary College is a warm, inviting school with a great academic feel.


All girls college that makes you strive to be the best.


Mount Mary College is academically focused,while at the same time making the effort to teach other important factors necesssary to successfuly function in our everyday society (culture, diversity, gender, sexuality) and since 75% of our college population is women, we get the opportunity to work together and get a better understanding of ourselves as women; in the time we are amongst one another, we become eachother's friend, support system, study buddy, whatever we need to get each one of us on the path to success as we finally leave the doors of Mount Mary College.


Mount Mary is small, diverse and comfortable.


Mount Mary College seeks to provide excellent education in a diverse and tolerant, encouraging and supportive environment where the faculty, staff and resources all work together to help the students be successful in achieving their goals and becoming strong, concienscious leaders in their communities and families.


My college is a similar to a small commuity. The professors truly care about their students and their success. Involvement on-campus and off- campus is very easy to obtain. I am a student that lives off-campus and I am currently involved in three on-campus clubs and volunteer off-campus with a program from my college. The class sizes are small and flexible for a working student. They fit my busy life very well!


A beautiful oasis for women in Milwaukee to be empowered for success.




A small and helpful family


Mount Mary is a positive, safe, and exciting learning evironment!


Mount Mary College shows alot of potencial for women to become great leaders.


Mount Mary is a Women college that was sponsored by the Sisters of Notre Dame and they want the women that atted the college to achieve their whole potential to help the world be a better place.


UB is pretty big, but after a while it feels smaller, and it's a great school to go to.


Small, private, catholic based all girl institution.


Mount Mary College is a college in which you can discover yourself, and become a strong (woman) leader all while reading your textbooks, doing research, writing 5 page papers, going on facebook, eating at the Cyber Cafe and climbing 4 flights of stairs.


Thic college is full of people that want the student to succeed along with friendly students.


Mount Mary College is a calm learning environment that allows students to connect with each other, their faculty and themselves in order to get the best educational experience.