Mount Mary University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Willingness to go the distance with you, to ensure that you succeed.


My classmates are great students who really know how to welcome one and make her feel at home.


My classmates are eager to learn and friendly.


Well rounded individuals striving towards a goal in their education, passion, and outlooks on life.


Unlike previous college experiences, these students want to succeed. They are excited to learn the material and want to be in school to further their education.


Educated, accepting, compassionate, and determined to succeed in their future carreer and life itself.


The learning environment in the classroom at Mount Mary College is very diverse and full of life. The students are actively engaged in the classroom discussions and everyone has a voice. When the professor speaks, everyone listens. When the professor questions, everyone speaks. The way my classmates appreciate my opinion and openly voice their's makes the learning environment better.


Being an all girls school you may think we do not get along but most of the girls are very nice and willing to help you if you need anything. We also become very close in a short time because with such a small campus, many of us in the same major take all the same classes.


My classmates are like a very diverse family. The classrooms are small so everyone is familiar with each other. The relationships that are built with some of my classmates are definately lifetime friendships.


My classmates are eager for education.


My classmates are to be described in one word, interesting.


Many of my classmates have, actually, become my friends. The class sizes are very small, and most of us have the same academic goals in mind, so we are able to make really strong friendships with one another. Most students at Mount Mary are very social. Additionally, the student body is very diverse, statisically representing the diversity of the U.S., so students are able to learn about different cultures and establish a high comfort level with one another.


Most students at Mount Mary are serious about college, and are not just going for the experience or party atmosphere. Students tend to work together in many ways and are generally very supportive.


Everyone is very friendly and would love to help others with classwork and life if they can!


My classmates are very attentive, and people who want to become very successful in life.


My classmates are friendly, determined, independent females of all ages.


Everyone is very friendly and willing to help you out no matter what situation you are in.


My classmates find a good balance between studying and having fun.


I have not had a chance to get to know my classmates. Session has just begun. I do anticipate that I will come to conversate and establish friendships. Being an older student with children I do have some things in common with other females at this school.


They don't seem to have any real drive, not sure about what they want in life. They don't seem to have a bright outlook on their future.


There are nice girls on campus, but it is difficult to find intellectual conversation or to meet others who are as passionate about their field as you are.


My classmates are hardworking and dedicated, they have a long and bright future ahead.


My classmates are fantastic for the most part.