Mount Mary University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Its ability to promote self-worth and understanding of what it is you are passionate about, and the changes you hope to bring to the professional arena of your choice.


I think that my school if best know for our nursing program as well as our fashion design program. We are also an all girls Catholic college, which makes us stand out.


It's diversity and warm welcome.


My school is best known for the small class sizes, its beautiful grassy campus and the strong relationships students share for a lifetime.


I think my school is best known for being an all women's college. They provide leadership and social justice skills to help empower women of the community, and to create well rounded people in the work force.


My school is best known for their history and their diverse community.


Mount Mary is best known for its involvement in the community and how involved they are with their students education. The class sizes are small making for a very inviting environment. Mount Mary is very student oriented and do their very best to serve their students in the best way possible.


Our social justice efforts, empowering woman, and being apart of the sisters of Notre Dame.


My school is best known for being a woman's college. This provides the opportunity for the voices of educated woman to be heard. We have the ability to shine and not feel over powered.


An amazing education that will help you grow and develope not only in your college years but after you graduate.


My school is know for being a very small caring school. The staff the attend Mount marry Truely care about your needs and want to you succeed in life. They help push you and give you motivation, which is very helpful


They are known for their art therapy classes and their design classes. They have one of the best colleges in the states for design.


Mount Mary College is a small, friendly college that offers a lot to their students. Their class sizes are small and the professors are great.


My school is best known for its excellent programs. It has a wonderful design program. One grauduate designed a dress for Michelle Obama, and the graduates design thier graudation gowns. The school is also know for its wonderful nursing program.


My school is best known for their fashion and nursing programs. They are the best! The fashion program is something that a lot of people attend and the nursing program is partnered with Columbia St. Mary.


Mount Mary is know for great leadership skills.


being involved with the community and religious


I am enrolled at Columbia College of Nursing through Mount Mary. They are best known for their Nursing program. Mount Mary itself is known for its fashion design program, and occupational therapy.


It is an all girls Catholic school. It is known for volunteerism and fighting against social justice issues. It is very liberal and creatively based. Fashion design and Nursing are the biggest and most well known majors that are offered.


My school is best known for it's beautiful campus and one on one time with professors. There is little to no distraction here. You can still have fun and go to downtown Milwaukee if you want, but the party scene it's not around all of the time so that it gets distracting from school work.


Placing graduates in phenominal careers