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My school has a very low student to teacher ratio. It makes a huge difference. I get answers so quickly, and feel like I learn so much more than when I was at a large school. The campus is peaceful, and just overall beautiful.


I think the most unique thing is how close all of the girls are. We become close through different activities and events that we throw. There is always something going on; also the way people want to help out others and are always there for others when they need them rather it be staff or student.


My school is unique because of the small class sizes and the curriculum, allowing you to complete numerous assignments and extra credit to boost your grades in classes. Also, being a small, all womens college, it allow students to develop a family/sisterhood relationship, students come together and really get to know one another.


Mount Mary is an excellent school of choice because it has such a welcoming atmosphere. All of your peers and instructors will embrace you and help you in any way that they can. As a freshman you may feel pressured or overwhelmed, but you have unlimited campus resources that I advise you take advantage of.


Mount Mary fills your life with color through the black and white and shades of gray.


Our view of the lakes. We have 3 small lakes right in the middle of our school and on sunny days it makes you feel like everything in the world is going to be okay. :)


They have small class sizes and a safe and vibrant campus. I enjoy learning in small sized classes because I feel that it is more of an interactive and engaging classroom environment. You are able to interact with your fellow students and ask and answer questions easily without feeing ignored or ashamed to ask questions. Instructors are also able to know students by name and interact with them freely. I feel that Mount Mary College' s christian foundation instills a strong academic and christian leadership opportunities for students of any religious background.


My school not only helps me with my education but they give me the opportunity to better myself and prepare myself for life outside of school and being on my own. They help me gain independent characteristcs. At my school I am not just a number I am a student my professors know me by name. At other schools professors dont even know their students names. It is a very personal one on one environemtn here.


Mount Mary College is very unique and different compared to other schools because of many reasons. One of the main reasons I chose to go to this school was the very small class sizes. It's nice to know that your teachers can call you by name. At this college, you are a student that is eager to learn and not just a number.


MMC is an all girl college that provides their courses and coursework accordingly. They also offered my preferred degree program that let me avoid moving miles away from my family, friends, and job. Lastly, although the tuition is much higher than what I can normally afford, MMC is flexible and provides numerous resources to help you have the ability to attend.


Having an overwhelming majority of women of mixed ages and ethnicities in my classes has helped keep the classroom focused on women as a whole and not divided between men and women or by age; this was not the case at any of the other schools I either attended or considered attending. The sense of social justice for all, and the encouragement to pursue it, was not present at any other institution either; social justice is something that impacts everyone, but few give it a second thought, and I enjot being taught more about it at Mount Mary College.


What's unique about Mt. Mary is that it's a small campus. The classroom sizes are perfect to have a one-on-one talk with you professors and be more involved in discussions. Compared to other Universities you won't get that much interaction with your professors during lectures and will have to set up appointments with him. Here at Mt. Mary the teachers are always open to questions whenever.


Class sizes


I chose Mount Mary College mainly because of the atmosphere. I love the small class sizes, I feel that I get to really know my professors. You see the staff around campus and it's very easy to engage with them. I like that Mount Mary is a female based college because of the rich history it has with educating women for one hundred years. As someone who was once afraid college would be too challenging, I found myself at a 4.0 this past semester, due to hardwork and determination, but also the support of my professors.


When considering school I found the small class sizes to be very unique for a college. I had attended UW-Milwaukee prior and the classes were so large that I didn't feel that I was able to recieve the input I desired from my professor. At Mt. Mary I am able to get to know my professor's.


At Mount Mary College they put an emphasis not only on the education but also helping students and prospective students better themselves. They are willing to assist the student in anyway possible and make the student feel as if they are not just another number but a person that the college actually cares about.


Every school has professors who have studied their area of expertise, we have professors who have traveled the world doing Anthropology. Since we are a Catholic college many think that many things are based aroung religion, but actually it has expanded my knowledge of so many things regarding not only different religions, but also my own. Also, because we have a smaller campus, we are lucky in that we have very small class sizes and our discussions are always quite interesting. The Sisters keep us on our toes about things we think they do not know or discuss. Quite funny!


The best thing about Mount Mary is that it is a small school and you get personal help from your teachers. You are not just a name you are actually a person to your professors and they want you to succeed.


I have already recieved an undergraduate degree and am going back to school for nursing. Mount Mary has a special feel to it. You don't feel like a number there you feel like an individual. Professors take the time to learn your name and are always available to students if they need extra help. It truly is a great college.


Everyone was very helpful and nice while I was applying and trying to make my financial situation work. I also really appreciated the free application I got to fill out as a second degree student.


Mount Mary college is different from any other school. They provide a safe and clean enviroment. I like that the teachers interact more with the students then usual. The staff give you many different selections as far as free tutoring programs and opportuities.


The most unique thing about my school is the comfort and homeliness I feel there. Because of my school's small size and religious foundation, there is a real family-like feel there. You automatically feel welcomed, respected, and understood with your very first visit. This is a feeling that I haven't gotten a any other school I've considered.


The staff is approachable and will assist students and accomodate special needs willingly.


Small class sizes, very career oreinted, many classes about empowering women


It is such a small school and only 10% of students actually live on campus. There are underground tunnels to travel from building to building and there are very rarely any classes on Fridays. They offer a full-tuition and room & board scholarship to women who are dedicated to volunteering. The recipients would do 360 hours of service work per year and participate in discussions and events based on their work.


I think the biggest difference is that it is a all girls school, well most of the time. Every now and then a guy will be taking a class there. I think the all female population has less tention and makes the class decussions much more interesting and honest.


Mount Mary Colle is a womens liberal art school. The teachers are dedicated to helping you succeed if you are willing to try. It is a much smaller campus which only makes everyone that much closer.


My school is a small school, but I really enjoy this type of envirnment because it allows you to build more long-term relationships. Mount Mary also provides alot of support finacially, physically, and mentally when needed. The class room sizes are small which allows more individual learning and you don't feel like you are just a number in the class room. The Mount Mary ethics and values are very active within the school and I feel that discrimination against race, social class, and gender are lessened by these practiced values. My colloge also offers a varity of courses.