Mount Mary University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


My school does an incredible job at educating students who want to learn, and empowering women. Women who attend Mount Mary are very well educated.


My friends tease me about going to an all-girls school. I am learning and growing, just as I would at any other university or college. The gender population does affect how you learn, but the atmosphere does. Mt. Mary’s mission statement focuses around 4 C’s: Compassion, Commitment, Competence, and Community. I have never heard of this anywhere else; these are the components that I believe help students grow mentally as well as morally. You can feel the essence of these characteristics in the students and faculty. I would choose social environment over gender environment any day.


I like to talk about the great people that I have meet


How helpful and caring the faculty and students are at Mount Mary and how they want the best for you, they want you to succeed, and they want you to gain more than just the material in class but to gain knowledge about who you are as a person and what will help you in your personal life and in your community.


The class sizes are all small. There is not a class that has more than 25-30 students. I love that student to teacher ratio.


I love the professors and instructors at Mt. Mary. The class sizes are small, so there is a lot of attention and help when I need it. It is also easy to make and keep friends from the classes and within my major because of the class sizes. The campus is beautiful and located within a city so there is a lot to do.


Mount Mary has some of the smallest class sizes around so you really get to know your faculty and classmates very well. You also have the opportunity to ask alot of questions and receive answers quickly because there are so few students. I learned alot with that style available to me, versus a large impersonal lecture.


I brag to my friends about the school when I tell them how hands on the teachers are and how small the class sizes are. A typical class size at Mt. Mary is no more than 20 students. All of my teachers know me by name and encourage me to do the best I can.


I love the small class sizes that allow for a more intimate setting for learning. It improves my possibility of success over friends who attend state schools. Its great because everyone knows everyone and there are no male distractions.


When I do brag about Mount Mary College, I brag about the small classes that are offered to each and every student within the school and how sweet and kind the staff are.


When I brag to my friends I always talk about how friendly the professors are and the students. Professors actually learn your name, even if you leave for awhile and come back 2-3 months later, they still know your name. I also love that the classes are small. You get more hands on experiences. Professors teach you what you need to know. They teach it in a way that allows you to understand what that topic is about.


Mt. Mary is a great school. Classes are rigorous, but you will learn a lot and leave prepared for your career.


The small class sizes


I brag about my professors. Since its a small school and the class sizes are small students here get a lot of individualized attention. My first week of classes most of my professors learned my name on the first day! I feel very comfortable with the professors I've had and its not uncommon for students and professors to have casual chats in the hallways.


I love the environment at Mount Mary! All the professors and advisors are nice and caring people who are always willing to give time to help you if you are struggling. I also love the small classes!


I brag to my friends that Mount Mary is small and they have smaller classes. You understand more of the work and the teacher can help you on-on-one. I say that Mount Mary encourages you constantly, instead of pushing you away and not caring about you. Mount Mary is an educating and support system.


that my school is able to give women a better undrestanding of the work load and how it can be done. that the class room environment is small and you are able to learn better and you are able to have one on one time with the teacher in class and outside of class.


The class size-- the professors know you on a first name basis and are so helpful. Of any school I've ever attended, I feel like Mount Mary's quality of professors far exceeds any I've had so far.


The thing I brag about most is that I get to really know my professors! I can call them when I don?t understand my homework, they are very understanding about how things can come up and flexible. They don?t just teach you things they help the students understand them!