Mount Mary University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The one thing that I can think of is that I wasn't given a full tour of the campus upon my application to the University. I was somewhat familiar with the campus through my daughter however I do believe the school should have still given me a full tour.

Rey Ann

The worst thing I can think of about my school is that some of the professors sometimes think they are much better than the student that they can just look down on us.


Classes are not always offered when needed


The worst thing about my schoold would have to be the cost. It is a fantastic school and it, of course, is worth every penny, but it gets expensice. Especially for me because I dont qualify for financial aid because my parents make over a certain amount. What they dont know is that I have to pay out of pocket and get no help from my parents.


The thing I consider the worst about Mount Mary is how they have let their "arts" fall through. There is a beautiful auditorium on campus, but it's falling apart. Instead of fixing it up and finding funding for dance and theatre and other arts, they redid the library - which really didn't need a renovation. My grandma was the first person to sing on that stage years ago, I would've liked it if I could be able to cross it at graduation.


I think the worst thing is the confusion with the business office because it has caused several students problems.


I wish that I had more space in my schedule to fit fun classes that are not in my major.


The worst thing about Mount Mary College is that they are expensive. I don’t mind paying so much because I love the school and know I am getting a great education. I do find myself working as much as possible in order to reduce the student loans I take out. I would love to volunteer more and join some of the clubs at school. I don’t do this because I am working when I am not in class. I always put studying first, so between school, work, and studying there is not much time for extracurricular activities.


I like Mount Mary College so much and it is hard for me to consider what the worst about it is, but I really think more financial aid needs to be provided for every student. It is hard during almost the midterm semester to apply for scholarships, fill FAFSA and Tax forms, and keep good grades by writing a lot homework and reading for exams.


1920's plumbing would be the worst thing abut MMC.


We just need WiFi around the entire school. That is it.


Just like other organizations, my school is set up as a bureaucracy, which can, at times, be frustrating. The faculty is outstanding; however, sometimes it can be hard to get ideas to the administration. Despite this, if I could do it again, I would chose Mount Mary without a doubt in my mind.


The worst thing about my school is that you can not get onto the internet because there is no WIFI.


The worst thing for me about Mount Mary College is the location only becuase I live in Sheboygan and will be commuting.


The lack of updated computers and computer labs available.


I can say that I enjoy my school very much. I like the size of my school, especially class sizes. Not only that but I admire the bundle of aid and help the school provides to the students. The only thing I can say that I truly dislike about my school is my cummute. Other than that, I have not discovered anything that I can say I dislike.


The worst thing about Mount Mary would be that there is only Wi-fi in the residence hall. I dislike that because in order to otherwise get on the internet you have to use a school computer or plug into the wall, so you are suck in one spot.


The worse thing about Mount Mary is the limited child care options for non-traditional students that need to take night classes or assist when scholl age children are out of school on holidays.


The school is small. Therefore they are unable to offer courses as often. A transfer student will have a harder time taking the courses he or she needs to take.


No social life, no guys.

The school says that they want to help, but over the years im gaining quite a debt and am starting to question my ability to stay here...which makes me sad to think about, but financially i do not know how much longer i can attend mount mary. It is a great school though. If the school lowered their cost i would live in the dorms, but i lived in them once and had water damage in my room and my stuff got ruined and i never got reimbursed, especially for paying what i did for the room..wasnt happy.


Lack of organization and coordination with affiliated schools (such as Columbia College of Nursing). Cost is too high for the educational experience received. Views are too conservative.


The worst thing about my school is how fast classes fill up. We have small classes of about 12 to 15 girls in each class. We need more class times or professors. Also, I feel some of our technology is behind with computers and the number of them.


Not many people know about the school and everything that it has to offer


The wosrt thing about my school is race is a major issue there. It's majority of caucasians teachers and students. The dorms were also another thing they were very old and dull.