Mount Mary University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I believe the best person to attend this school is a person who is extreamly dedicated to their education and wants no distractions. If a person wants small class sizes and one on one attention with the professiors this is also good. Our campus is small which means are class sizes are too. It makes it a lot more personal.


I think that if you are the type of person that learns better in a smaller sized classroom where the proferssors know you on a name to name basis then this is the school for you. The teachers here genuinely care about your success and are very helpful. The atmosphere at MMC is very uplifting and there is always something going on. The campus is very fond about social justice and there are always finding new ways to incorporate that into the curriculum and community. If can relate to this then consider attenting Mount Mary College!


A person who doesnt mind being around all girls and some older men. Someone who doesnt mind not having loud dormmates and parties going on down the hall. Someone who is friendly and willing to mingle with all kinds of people. A person who has a good heart and is very focused on thier education. This is a very down to earth school with many helpful resources and their main focus is to better us as young women


Some who does not mind an all girl school. Someone who is self-motivated, in to social justice, and likea a challenge.


Mount Mary College is located on the outskirts of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is an all women's school. The staff is very accessible and the student to teacher ratio is very low. Due to its location, its all womens format, and its ratio of students to teacher, it is imperative that the students who attend Mount Mary College are willing to participate, are willing to reach out to one another, and are willing to explore. Milwaukee by nature is accessible and allows for diverse social opportunities for both younger students and students with families, like myself.


A student who prefers a family atmosphere. The class sizes are small, so you are able to receive one on one attention from the staff. The Professors teach the classes. They don't use teacher's aides. The campus is located near bus stops and also is close to a shopping mall. The campus is beautiful, with an abundance of trails to wonder through.


Someone who is looking to get to know their instructors on a first name basis and looking for small class sizes would be the perfect type of person for this college. This college provides a very good experience with small group sizes for lectures and labs and allows each student to get to know all other students and each instructor in their program.


Someone who is focused on their education and wants to be sucessful in life. Mt. Mary college is very focused on your future and care about they want to make their sucessful in their futures!


Serious students who care about the quality of their education.


There is no certain kind of person that should attend this school . The school is very open to anyone that wants to come. It is an all girls school but they do make acceptions for males. If someone wants to attend this school they should be willing to meet others and create long lasting friendships. The students that attend the school dont pay attention to someones race, religion sexual orientation, ect. Everyone looks past that to create a warm and caring environment.


any one can attend because it is a very diverse school


People with open minds, people from around the world that would bring new ideas into the school. people who are focused but needs help ever so often. i beleive that people with the drive to make it out of school should attend.


A person who should attend this school should like a small class size, and do not mind paying a higher price for the campus. This campus is more of a commuter school, but also has some space for residents. Also our school is very demanding on good grades, so if they have good grades it would help to look into this school.


Mount Mary College is a good school for someone who likes a significant amount of one-on-one time in his or her academics, small class sizes, and a serene campus. It is also ideal for women who want to enhance their leadership skills, being that it is traditionally an all women's college.


Anyone that is serious about succeeding, and wants professors that truly care about them.


The student that should attend Mount Mary College is someone who is wants to learn and make friends along the way. Someone who wants a good life after college, and values their education. Mount Mary College?s campus is wonderful because the students can be who the want to be and not get judged. The students at Mount Mary College are very accepting of people who are different so no one has to be self conscious of themselves. Mount Mary is a wonderful place for every woman to find everything they want out of life.