Mount Mary University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


It is an all girls college and if this is a problem then I don't think MMC is a perfec fit for you. Also, if you want to just go through the motions and not do anything then this is definitely not for you, and it is hard to do so in small classes. Although Mount Mary has a lot of majors, there are some that are not on there. Tuition is a bit expensive so really think if your desired major and the school fit before calsses start, especially if you are paying out of pocket.


A person who is undecided in their studies or unwilling to dedicate most of their time to school work should not attend Mount Mary College. Mount Mary College is a rather demanding college that really urges students to put their best foot forward; therefore, students who really want to succeed and go far in their career of choice should be both focused and committed while attending this school.


This is a woman's college, so if you prefer to have a coed campus this is not the school to attend.


This is a women's college so someone looking for male companionship might want to look elsewhere. Additionally, most students in this school are serious about their education so if one is looking for a "party" school with low grade point requirements, one needs to enroll somewhere else. Finally, one who has limited tolerance for other religions, races, political views and abilities will not be happy here and should find another school.


A person looking for the MTV version of college shouldn't attend this college. This isn't a college for someone who is looking to party all the time. Someone who likes large classes with minimal participation wouldn't enjoy this college.


One who is not ready to strive and work hard at becoming a better person. Mount Mary College is a very challenging school but it teaches others a lot about being strong and persevering. If someone is not willing to work hard or they think that school and work is not the road for them then they are correct.


I feel that the kind of people who should not attend this school is snooty people, with bad attitudes. people who look down on people who do not have much, and make judgement on other students personal background.


The type of person that shouldn't attend Mount Mary would be a person who isn't ready or willing to put forth all their effort and actually do their part in the education system. Also, people that aren't ready for such a hardworking atmosphere shouldn't attend.


Someone who isnt will to put forth the effort. Hard work and dedication are what it takes to become successful. This collge is a private insitution that focuses on personability.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who really wants a serious, real life education, that will equip you with skills that you really need to know.