Mount Mary University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Nothing is frustrating to me.


The most frustrating thing about my school is some of the general courses that we have to take. For example public speaking and philosophy.


The most frustrating things at Mount Mary College is the attendance policy. The attendance policy is very strick for some class ciriculums. I have two children. Children get sick... I missed four days and that lowered my grade one level from an A to a B. Very frustrated.


The most frustrating thing about my school is transportation. Mount Mary University only has two public transportation buses in the area that can take me there and back home. Both buses are unsafe and run through rougher neighborhoods in Milwaukee. It is also frustrating that Mount Mary University does not have UPasses offered to their students. UPasses is distributed to certain colleges or universities for students to get on public transportation for free until the printed date. Having an UPass for commuting students would be much more convenient, beneficial and financially smarter.


There's nothing that I can think of


I have not had any frustrations at this school. If I have a question I can easily ask anyone and they are all very helpful and have a positive outlook.


The most frustrating thing about school is the course planning that takes place each semester. During advising, students are often given a verbal (if not written) outline as to what courses they are expected to take and when. Due to a variety of circumstances, classes cannot always be taken during their suggested times. I would recommend students fully outline their semester courses at the beginning of the school year, if not further in advance. This will give them the best understanding as to when they will most likely graduate and prevent a lot of frustrations that result from poor planning.


At Mount Mary, I have very little to be frustrated with. However, the wifi access is a little complicated and doesn't work all the time, so I find myself at local coffee shops often. While I don't mind that very much, when I'm running low on funds towards the middle and end of the semester, it can get a bit pricey paying four dollars for a cup of coffee.


The most frustration thing about my school would have to be the lack of campus activities. The main thing is we don't have any sororities and i think it would be great if we did that way students could build an even stronger relationship with peers through a sisterhood.


The most frustrating thing is the staff. The younger staff is okay but the older women are very stuck in their ways and don't break their traditions very easily. Being an art major, the aren't open to new ideas. Also, the lack of technology is hard to deal with but it is being worked on.


I dont think that there is one thing that I count find frustrating about it, besides how expensive it is. Which is understandable, sense it is a private college.


The biggest downfall of Mt. Mary right now is the lack of Wi-Fi. Currently its only available in the dorms and that is password protected. I think they are planning to have wi-fi in a few more places this fall, but its still going to be limited.


The most frustrating thing about Mount Mary is dealing with students who do not understand your background or your point of view. It is an all girls college so that can get rough at times also. Everyone wants to be or look a certain way and sometimes I feel we are in High School and not College, but I enloy the whole experience. School is frustrating over all with work and living everyday life but I would not have my life any other way.


I think the most frustrating thing is how expensive school is. It is a little over 11,000 a semester. I pay for school on my own without my parents help and I just am having a hard time find some money to pull out of my pocket! I am getting a great deal of money but wish there were something more I could work to get.


Speaking from the perspective of a student who is part of the school of nursing, I would have to say the fact that there is not a lot of room for error. We are only allowed to retake ONE nursing course and ONE science course. Beyond that a student would have to either change his or her major or transfer schools.


The most frustrating thing at my school is the financial aid and business office. I always have problems with these offices having my finances correct. There has not been one problem free semester that I didn?t have to worry about anything. By the offices not running smoothly makes school even harder to focus on worrying about not having the money I need for my classes and books.


Mount Mary College is a financial strain on students who can't get a lot of financial aid because they don't publicize their scholarships very well.