Mount Mary University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Mount Mary is how encouraging they are of women being educated and empowered to do great things in society.

Rey Ann

What I concider the best thing about my school is the fact that it is an all girls university. Being in an all girls university makes it much easier for all the distractions compare to a coed school. Another best thing about my school are the small classes because student can actually have a one-on-one talk or discussion with the professors.


The best aspect of Mt. Mary University is its sense of community. All of the teachers know my name and recognize my face around campus. I feel like I am not just a number, I am a part of a family of students. Everyone here is eager to help when I ask for assistance. I was afraid to go to an all-girls school, but it has improved my self confidence tremendously. No longer am I self conscious about speaking up in class because of how guys may perceive me. I feel like this is where I belong.


I belive the smaller classrooms, and the open discussion is the best thing at this school it gives the student a better change of understand the course and give them a different way to look at things just not through course materials.


The best thing about my school is that we are a small, tight knit community. It is very important to be able to make new friends and establish a good relationship with your instructors, and at Mount Mary all of this is possible. Everyone is happy to have you there, and you are treated as an individual.


The small classes and focus on not just education but the whole self, is what makes Mount Mary's learning community effective for me. It is a small university, so it is its own little community as well that helps me network with others who may know other people that could help me in a variety of ways.


The best thing about my school is that it feels like home. The school is not too small, nor is it too big; it is also a predominately womens university. These things help make it eaasier for young women to go to schoool and aspire to be whomever they desire to be without too many distractions and being comfortable.


I love the fact that they offer fashion merchandising, there is not many schools in Wisconsin that offer this program.


The school parking. The scholl parking is the best place becasue there is enough parking for everyone and you dont have to waste time looking for a parking. Also, parking is free.


The best thing about Mt. Mary College is that the professors are all very qualified. I have teachers with more than one degree, so they are very educated at doctor levels. I have taught by doctors, sisters, and priests.


The best thing about Mount Mary is how close the students and faculty really are. It's like we form one big family the minute you join the school. All of the professors, advisors and other staff members take an interest in you as a person. You're not just a client or another face in the crowd. You are a person and they recognize this and treat you justly.


The best thing about my school is that it's a focused community. Who ever goes to Mt. Mary is there to learn, study and graduate. There are never any problems, what so ever in not being able to focus. Professors and staff are always there to help the students. The atmosphere is welcoming, the staff are very supportive, and open to what the students of the institute have to say. If there is a school where you want to have your voice hear Mt. Mary is the place to be.


I would consider that the best thing about my school, is its diversity and enthusiasm to educate it's students. To be honest there are so many things that I love about Mount Mary. Mount Mary allows us to be indiviuals and express our thoughts and ideas in creative ways that will help contribute to an entire community. The focus it has on its students is amazing. You get one-on-one interaction and it feels amazing to know some that there are people who actually care about you and your opinion. It is a second home to me.


There are several aspects about Mount Mary that I adore. The absolute number one aspect that I love is the intimate teaching experience. The staff is really committed to their students success. Your teachers really get to know you as an individual instead of as a number. The school itself really bends over backwards with opportunities and help for all its students.


The best thing about my college is the sense of community and family. At Mount Mary everyone is friendly and willing to talk to you. Since it is a private, Catholic college, we have Sisters that either live on-campus or are professors. However, religion is not forced upon anyone. The combination of staff, students, and Sisters are friendly, welcoming, and make you feel at home.


I feel the best aspect of Mount Mary College is the personal experience I've had with the staff in the Occupational Therapy program. The instructors are very involved in each student's academic achievement and get to know each student personally. I feel this is very important at a college in order to be successful. It encourages communication and shows an example of respect between the students and staff.


The best thing about my school is that the professors are available to you. When there is something that you need help with they are there right away to assist you. The professors are very friendly and helpful as well as the students. When on the campus you get the feeling that it is a great environment for anyone who is willing to attend the school. I can honestly say that there is nothing about my school that I dislike. The course work keeps you on your feet and you actually learn from the course work.


My school is private. I like the small classes were the students are able to get a full understanding and extra help if needed. I also like that the school is diverse.


I love the Background of my college. The story of how Mount Mary was founded and the drive for education amongst women is quite empowering. The fact that they instill that you can be whatever and whoever you want to be in this life is just one way they encourage you to do well in school.


The best thing about Mount Mary would be how the teachers are actually there for you and you aren't just a number. The reason for this is your able to get one on one help, you actually build up bonds with your teachers and go to them with advice their class, other classes, and even other subjects. Plus, you'll able to learn in a well rounded atmosphere and feel like a human being and not just another number in a class.


I would consider the small classes sizes the best thing about my school. The professor than can continue one on one attention with the students, and we can express our concerns that we have regarding something in class. They then know if we are in class or absent and contact us if they think its more serious that we are no in class.


the small class sizes because help is available when you need it.

I really love mount mary. I feel so safe and there and really enjoy all my classmates, as well as the teachers who are always so supportive. The only thing i do not like is how much it costs. I love the overall school unity that i feel every day, i get up in the mornings and spenf my whole days there until 9ish because i just love it so much and being in the mac lab helps me stay focused with the support of my classmates!


My teachers. My teachers want all of us to succeed in life. They do everything in their power to help us in school and life.


I really like the atmosphere, all the students get along no mater what their background, and there are never any problems on campus. I think that is very important because that allows us, the student,s to stay focused on our goals.


Small classes are a huge plus. It's a much easier learning enviornment and you actually get to know you techers as well as other students. I feel it is also easier to get help when it is needed and makes shy students more comfortable and sometime branch out of their shyness.