Mount Mercy University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


With just one term, I took two classes, which was not difficult at all, but the most difficult part is dealing with finanical aid, because they will tell you a different story with each different person.


It is a small school in the heart of Cedar Rapids, and has lost of renovations coming over the next few years.


MMC was a good school; I got a good education but it was a LOT of work.


Mount Mercy has such an warm and inviting environment with wonderful caring professors.


A catholic school that is known for being involved in the community, but that is open to diverse students and encourages differences.


Mount Mercy College is a small, career oriented school that is a means to an end to get you in the job you want.


Get involved. It is a great community and a great place for an education, take advantage of it!


Mount Mercy College is a comfortable, friendly school.


MMC has a Great environment, good people, right size, expands your horizon.


There is very little entertainment - its considered a suitcase college because everyone leaves on the weekends to go to other schools, etc.