Mount Saint Joseph University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


If i had to choose one thing about my school that i liked it would have to be the small class size.


My school was intimate and small. Almost everyone knew each other and were bonded by a sense of unity to each other in assisting each other through their degree program. We began as a unit and wanted to complete as a unit. The best part of the College of Mount Saint Joseph was the fellowship with classmates. No matter background you came from, we were College of Mount Saint Joseph degree seekers. That goal of getting through the degree program even extended to the educators. They were there to assist all of us and did so without reservation.


The best thing about this college is the small class setting. The smaller setting of this school allows for all the resources of a big school with the opportuntity to become a big fish in a small pond and excel above your peers. The small setting allows for a more close knit group of students and an overall more enjoyable college experience.


The smaller size is just right to be friends with everyone.


The best part about my school is the involvement with my professors. I have an outstanding advisor and teacher for my major and that is an understatement! I like having someone always behind me pushing me to the max. My advisor does not believe in being a quitter or even settling for less. It's so great to have such a person in my life, she is truly an inspiration. I am stronger through her advising and I learn more then I expect to in every one of her classes. She never stops amazing me.


The best thing about my school is it's location. It's convient to attend in Cincinnati.


Professors, faculty, and students are accessible and friendly


I would say that the best thing would be one on one time with the professors. Since classes are small, it is alot easier to talk to professors if you have any questions.