Mount Saint Mary College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The neighborhood is dangerous and not many student know about it untill they attend the school.


It's dead on weekends. Besides sports, there isn't much to do besides see sports and hang out in your room. There are somethings like every other weekend with the SGA. I wish there was more to do though.


The worst thing I considered about my college experience thus far is their Nursing Program. When I went in for the interview and initial acceptance, the counselors made it seem that it was very competitive and the limited seats situation. However, to find out that was not the case at all That was mearly the sales tactics utilized to get me in. Also, their Nursing program seemed to many as if it was the first time the college was constructing and marketing the Nursing program.


People aren't friendly enough


Being that it is so small everyone knows eachothers business.


Small, high school like enviroment. Extremely cliquey social groups. I could have never spoken to you but know who you are, date and hang out with, maybe even what kind of car you drive, simply becuae this school is TINY. I don't suggest you get written up for ANY reason becuase if it happens more than once, the nazi-esque resident life staff will know who you are, and believe me you dont want that. Basically, for anyone who reads this unless you REALLY want to be a nurse or teacher, find a real college to go to.


Unfortunately, there is not enough diversity. Being bi-racial myself (Jamaican and Italian), I find a lot of the same ethnicities associating only within their own race.


The cafeteria. It is small and the food isn't good.


Majority or the students live on campus and I feel the school caters to those students. The class schedules are difficult for anyone who works. It's almost impossible to work full time and go to this school.


Late night hours and that the college is an 1.1/2 hoursa from my home.


The worst thing, that's harder to answer. I guess it would have to be that nursing is one of the hardest majors offered at this school, placing a lot of stress on nursing students.

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