Mount Saint Mary College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to save money most importantly. College is very expensive and everything costs money, books, tuition, honor societies, you are always paying for something. I would tell myself to start college right after high school. Do not delay your education. The longer you wait to begin your education the harder it is after you start. Apply for as many scholarships as you can. Any help you can get for college, take it. Look at and apply to multiple colleges. Do not limit yourself to one because it is easiest, closest, or most convinient. Choose a college that offers you the most for your money and the best education.


To make sure that you're serious about your major and make sure you're sure about your online school. Join more clubs.


During my senior year of high school I chose to follow my heart and move to Palo Alto, California to be closer to my boyfriend at that time. If I could go back in time and give myself advice I feel I would be in a much better situation. It is very hard to listen to my friends talk about their freshmen year of college. Living in the dorm room, experiencing new people and attending college classes. I have lived with the regret of giving up what should have been some of the best memories of my life for a boy. If I could only tell myslef, "Your education is something that you can have with you forever. Your knowledge is one of your most prized pocessions that seperates you from others. Do not follow a boy, boys can wait. You are young and need to experience life to its fullest!" Now I attend community college in Arizona and I love my campus and teachers. Slowly I am making up for missing my freshman year. I hope to have enough money to transfer to a university to have an even better college experience!


College is important. Take it seriously! Keep in mine that your undergraduate is just the beginning. Once you graduate, school is not over. You have to move on to graduate school. So do your best in all of your coursework and work really hard because once you are ready for the job market, your work and your grades are definitely going to pay off. Also, form close relationships with your professors and other faculty members because they can really influence you and they have a lot of knowledge to share. They can also help you prepare yourself for the job market and give you other opportunities to enhance your resume. Just don't fool around. Don't worry about partying and friends, because there is a time and place for all of that. Keep your own best interests at heart always and be logical.


If I were able to go back and time and give advice to myself, I would tell myself to fear nothing. This school has given me the knowledge and ability to excel. Coming in as a freshman I feared that I wouldnt be able to get myself to class on time and get good grades. There is no advice I can give except to fear nothing, everything will fall into place on its own and you will make the adjustment over time. The college gave me the confidence to grow into who I am today and I will be proud come next May to say that I am a graduate of MSMC.


If I could go back in time and give advice to myself, I would tell myself to study a little bit more as well as being more dedicated to my daily reading assignments. I also would mention that as a student, you are in college to get an education and become successful in all aspects. Additionally, I would mention that college is an opportunity to experience and learn about life. It is a time to have an open mind and respect others who are around you. Therefore, do not be afraid to explore and ask questions, because unanswered questions are usually the ones that you end up finding the answers to the hard way.


Being 25, I feel quite silly going back to school full time. However, I feel like I am finally ready to learn what is needed in order to become a lawyer. I don't start classes for another couple weeks but I can tell you I am so excited yet a bit nervous. I have been to the campus a few times and I feel like I can do anything I want. I hope that once classes begin that feeling doesn't change.


When I began college in 2004 I attended the University of Montana in Missoula, Montana. I lived in the dorms and met friends that I still keep in contact with seven years later. I enjoyed everyone on campus, as well as classes and professors. Almost everyone was friendly and helpful. People were concerned about their health and the outdoor activities were numerous and promoted by the University . The food was amazing and the rec center was as well. For the last year and a half of school I attended Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, New York and that is where my degree is from. It was much smaller, cliquey, and people working at the school did not really seem to care about me. Ideas seemed to be more conformed. Let's not forget how expensive! The health facilities were not very good, nor was the rec center and food was awful. The positive thing were a few amazing teachers. From my different experiences I would advocate a state school for anyone entering a college at this time. I would have saved money and continued to have an amazing experience if I would have stayed at a state school.


Mount Saint Mary College has been preparing me to be the best I can be. Education and researching with all of the endless possibilities as a Nurse, it can be achieved, it can be done. Upon graduation I plan as my goal to work in my community and continue with Higher Education to pursue a Nurse Practitioners degree. This is very exciting and motivating to me to achieve and pursue these long term goals. An even longer future goal is to own my practice or to partner with medical professionals with same community goals in mind. This college experience has taught me that education is everything, that a good career is everything. Preparation into the real world is everything, it is my goal and MSMC has taught me this. Preparation to success of a career and goal is what we all should have as a US citizen. The college experience has been very valuable to my new future, of which I aspire to help and to give back to my community. I wish to continue higher education. To continue with aspirations and achieve a Nurse Practitioners degree with hopes to give back to my community even greater.


There're many things I would tell a senior in high school. One thing is to apply for as many scholarships as you can. They become very important in your years in college. From your books, to tuition, to any other expense imaginable; college isnt free. The scholarships are though, so they must make sure they full them out. You may think you will be getting a lot in financial aid but were in a recession. Don't make the same mistake I did; save up your money, and do lots of scholarships. Lastly, the thing im going to talk about is the transition into college; aka a scary process. Your moving out of your comfort zone, to the real world. The thing I would tell high school students is that every freshman you are meeting, and every freshman in the world is going through the same process. They're all as scared as you are, so just say Hi to each and everyone one of them. You will make some good friends this way.


It won't be a big deal going from Kingston High school to SUNY Ulster, but the transition from Ulster to Mount Saint Mary will be bigger than you think. You will absolutely hate it at first, and feel overwhelmed. The work isn't bad, but no one will talk to you and you'll feel very lonely. Don't sweat it though, because after a few weeks, everything is normal and comfortable. You will do very well and start meeting new people. Don't be so hard on yourself. People know eachother because they live together and have been attending here for two years prior. Just be yourself and friendships will follow suit.


do more research on schools


My advice to parents and students searching for the right college is to be open minded. Don't look at schools with a set in stone expectation because most likely you will not find your perfect school. To make the most of your college experience the student needs to be out going and once again open minded. you can't be afraid to throw caution into the wind and try something different. To really make the most of college you need to take chances, while being safe and having fun.


Have an idea of what you looking to get out of your college experience and what you plan to do when you gradute school.


Pick the college that best suites your personality. If you are shy, consider a smaller school where there are more teachers availble to assist your learning needs. All college's are fun so go with your gut instinct. Visit the colleges you want, more vists the better.


When looking for the right colleges for your child make sure to take your time and travel around each one. It is important to explore the surrounding area and talk with students on campus, not just the tour guides. You will find out much more from a student sitting at a local restaurant than the tour guide. Also, find out the average increase in tuition per year. Sometimes schools award small scholarships, but by the time your child reaches their senior year their scholarship is no longer worth as much as it once was. Students, get involved. Go to your schools club fair and sign up for every club that interests you. This is the best way to get involved, meet friends and find out new and exciting things to do on campus. Even if you do not stay involved with the club, you will meet many new people that be able to help you in the future. Also, find balance. Yes, school is for learning but not just the curriculum, you are also learning about yourself. Get out and socialize, meet people, but do not forget the main reason why you are at college.


There are a alot of things to consider when choosing the right college. The greatest thing you have to make sure is that the college you choose, will be able to give your child the greatest education, so you have to look at if they have their major, and a good selection of classes. Also, you should keep in mind the condition the dorm rooms are if they are going to live on campus. For most of the year, they will be on campus, so the room has to be pretty decent . If your child knows that they will make friends, that they know its the perfect size school, and that they have their major and can get the best education possible, then that's the college you pick for them. As long as your child is happy and content, that's all that matter when going to college to get the most possible college experience.


Make it a place where the student wants to go and can see themself there.


In finding the right college, if you are going to live away from home you first have to be able to picture yourself at this school, 24/7. If you can't seeing yourself living there but can see yourself taking classes there, then that is not the right school for you. You have to feel 100% comfortable with the dorms on campus and with the feel for the campus. If you like smaller groups and are used to a smaller size high school, go for a smaller/medium size college. On the other hand, if you are used to a lot of commotion and large schools, a larger college will be a better fit. To make the most out of your experience, you have to get involved rather then just study and do well in your classes. Take challenging classes, join many clubs and then take leadership positions at the ones you like best but limit yourself to only a few clubs so you can dedicate more time to them rather then try to divide your time into many of them. Get to know a lot of people, and have fun because college is once a lifetime.


Parents must learn to let go and allow their child to be more independent and accept more responsibilities. You MUST visit the school beforehand to make sure it is the right choice. In order to have the best college experience, you must be interactive and very open-minded.


Visit colleges during senior year in high school to get a good feel for the environment. Look at college web sites & talk to current students while visiting the college to see what their experiences are like. Make a good group of friends from your dorm and classmates in order to have a support group available. Study hard but have fun during your free time.


Visit at least twice, and make sure one of the times students are actually there (i.e. not just during summer vacation). They to stay for a night on campus if you can, to see what it is really like.


I would say to parents to definitely encourage children to look at all their options and to plan ahead. Its a huge step in one's future and plays a major role in your career. Definitely take time to visit schools that you are remotely interested in. It is crucial that you like the environment of the campus. Go to a school that offers many majors, various degrees, because people change there mind, sometimes they dont want to leave there school but have to because they do not offer a program of interest. Financially, you need to weigh your options. I go to a private school and the cost is rough. I stress about the loans I will need to repay in my future. Make sure you will be ok financially before taking that step to enroll in that particular school. Ask questions, talk to whomever there is to help you. Guidance counselors, advisors, peers, they're people that can help you make the best decison that will make you happiest. College is the best years of life and there fast. Not only will you most likely leave your school with a degree, but you will make numerous lifetime friendships.


A lof of people choose a small college because the idea of a large university scares them. This should'nt be the case. Adjusting to any college enviroment can be difficult but ultimatley rewarding once one finds their social groove. Consider first your academic goals, then choose a school that you feel you would be most comfortable at size-wise. I wouldn't suggest attending a tiny school like the one I go to. Small schools tend to be very cliquey and imitate high school enviroments, the exact atmosphere a young college student should strive to break away from and mature. From my experience, the maturity level of students at larger schools compared to students at smaller, enclosed enviroments differs drastically. Those who attend small schools tend to behave not all that differently than they did in high school, as compared to students in larger universities who have a real "college mindset". My suggestion to anyone is not to let the size of a school deter or intimidate you from going there. I allowed that to happen to me and now I will never know what it might have been like to attend a real university.


Students should visit as many colleges and universities as possible before making a decision. These schools should be both private and public, large and small, and should be in-session when visited to see what the college community is like. Unfortunately, I was not able to make a lot of college visits, so if I were to do it over, that would be one change I make. Additionally, to make the best of the college experience, I believe it is important to get involved. I am the treasurer of Fashion Club, as well as a Resident Assistant (or RA) for the college. These roles allow me to connect with many people on campus and make a lot of new friends! Also, go to the college-sponsored events! Some people may think it is "uncool" to go to them, but in fact, a lot of people go! They are usually a lot of fun because the school has a large activity budget fund, so make the best of it!


Parents like to find the school for their children instead of allowing them to find it themselves, which helps them becoming adults and responsible. Students must know what they want to do and not what they believe they want to do according to their parents. Some students use this as a chance to get as far as possible from their "nagging" parents. So parents should give them space to choose the school, but the parents should also ask from time to time how the search is going, and remember not to nag. This is how I ended up where I am now, at a school that I wish I had never found, but I have made some good friends who make it a better place everyday. To the students make sure the school you find is the one "you" want to go to and not because a friend or two is going to attend that school. It might turn out to be your worse dream and can destroy your friendship. And remember the cost of the school is important also. Think of mommy and daddy, now and forever. They will always be there for you through thick and thin.


Make sure your child is very much interested in the majors the school offers because if they are not there is no reason for your child to be going to this school. It doesnt offer very diverse majors because of being so small so just make sure they are interested in the majors offered before enrolling your child. Also knwo that it isnt a flat rate for credits after your become full time. NO MATTER WHAT you pay per credit which can cause frustration just from watching my own father deal.


Make sure that you are happy with your decision. Do not go to a school just because your friends are going there. Take the time to learn everything you can about the schools that you are applying to and choose the one that best fits for you.


Take a tour of the campus and speak with current students


Pick a college that offers your career choice. Don't get discouraged by the amout of money it costs, you will find a way if that is the collge you fall in love with. Be adventourists have fun and study hard.


Attending college is of course usually part of alot of teen's life plans. So how do you go about choosing the right school? Not only is the academic and presetige of a school is important but the social life of the school and surrounding area is important. When choosing a school you should first check out and choose schools based on academics 5 or so. Following that they should pick two that are ok academically but that are very promising in the social experience. You should apply to these and when you receive letter vist for over nights and make ur descsion


The college must have diversity and an ethnic status that will include all students, young and old.


I would definately tell parents and students to go visit as many colleges as they can. I went on lots of road trips with my mom to visit colleges, even though I ended up going only about 25 minutse from my house. I would definately reccomend living on campus your first year that way you can be involved in orientation. Every freshman is in the same boat, they are looking to make friends and have the best college experience that they can and in order to do that I really think nyou need to live on cmpus your first year. And one last thing I would reccomend is not to dorm with your high school friend, even if they are your best friend. You need to branch out and make new friends, im not saying that you should dump your old friends, but its important to make new friends, especially ones that have the same major as you, that you will be able to connect with them throughout your years at college.


For students: Make the most of everything offered at your school. Go to the programs and branch out, this way you make more friends. Talk to the faculty whenever you get a chance, this way when you need help it's easier for you to approach them. Don't forget to have fun amongst all your studies. For parents: Make the most of campus visits. Get any questions about the campus that you may have answered. Talk with your child about his/her goals to try and keep them on track. As much as you are going to want them to come home, have them stay on campus for the first month. This will help them get adjusted to the campus as well as to living on their own. This will also encourage them to make friends and attend campus activities.


I think it is important that the student makes connection with the staff an other students around campus. They should investigate the program or study they are most interested and what will be expected of them in the next four years. Some schools offer trimesters and more hands-on education, some have smaller privte classes, and some offer large lectures and diversity. Being in a comfortable environment is very important for success-this is your home for 4 years, and it is an experience you will remember for the rest of your life.


Visit a lot of colleges. Dont be afraid of asking questions when you're on campus, it is so important to research the community the school is in and what surrounds it. Try to observe campus and see what it seems like, the type of students who go there, how vivacious it is etc. Above all go with your heart and parents... dont try to force your child into chosing a school that you want them to go to. Remeber, if you're unhappy you will not be successful.


Parents: get involved, talk to your friends about their college experience, research with your children types of schools and majors and financial situations Students: You'll never see scholarship money entering college freshmen year if you transfer. Apply wisely! Choose your school after many campus visits and research!


Make sure you ask questions about what activities there are on campus and any information you want to know, visit campus while there are students attending and speak with them about the school


Let the person really think about where she/he would like to be in 10 yrs. I graduated and was very unsatisfied, it took me getting in to the world to see where me path was. Now I love Nursing as my profession. As I grow nearer to graduation I could not be anymore excited. Also, join groups that you may not have in high school. Use this as an experience to not only learn new things, but to meet new people. It can never hurt to see life through a new friends eyes; regardless of the career choice. Once you choose a profession try to pick a school that is strong in that area, this way you get the best possible instructors who are competent and are very knowledgeable in your intended field.

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