Mount Saint Mary College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish that i had known that students are not considered adults unless they are twenty four years old regardless of marital status and financial status. I also wish I had known that Mount Saint Mary offers very little in scholarships even for excellent students.


This school is small and everyone knows everyone and what they do. This can be a good or bad thing depending on the type of person you are.


How hard of a transition it is from High School to College, no matter who you are. Freshman year needs to be taken more seriously. I wish I new to be more independent of myself.


That the parking was so bad.


That they're not as commuter friendly as they came to be, and that the staff in virtually every office (financial aid, registrar, curricumlum library, etc.) are beyond useless! Also, that many of the advisors have no idea what they're doing; they're constantly placing people in the wrong classes and in turn making it impossible for them to graduate on time.


I wish I knew how much it would cost totally with the little bit of financial aid that I received. The school mailed out the bill at the beginning of August, expecting payment within the next 20 days for $12,000. This put a lot of stress and pressure to find student loans.




That the money that you make from the job that you have should be saved for when you are in college because it is an expensive time in your life.


I wish I had know how much students drink. I need my sleep and as a fresman living in a dorm I did not get much sleep on Thursday nights because Thursdays were the night to go out and it was very noisey.


Just how unsafe the area around the campus is, it is a fantastic school but there have been quite a few security problems while I've been on campus.


I wish I had known what dorming was going to be like

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