Mount Saint Mary College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


It's small and i have a good group of friends. I idealy wanted a small school. It's a perfect size. There's a lot of people who share my interests or are in my class that became friends with.


The best thing about Mount Saint Mary College were the professors. Most professors seemed to care about not only my academics but about me as a person.


Campus life and scenery. We are located right on the hudson. It is a very nice area


THe best thing is the fact that it is small and personal but that is also one of its major flaws. I think it provides its students with wonderful opportunities for their future. Meeting with proffessors is never an issue, and they all are there to help you.


The class sizes and the professors. They are here to help you as best they can


The school is located close to my house.


small class room size, internet wireless, many computers

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