Mount Vernon Nazarene University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Our school is best known for our music and education department. We are also known for a great atmosphere for spiritual and academic growth. The professors are amazing and are always willing to meet with you outside of class when you need to talk. There are also lots of on campus activites and it has a great social atmosphere.


Being a Decidedly Christian school


Our sports teams. We have a tradition of doing well.


Our school is best known for their education program and the jobs they help their students find after graduation.


It is well known for it's Christian beliefs. It is also well known for the community environment especially during sporting events.


This school is best known for its academic and spiritual connections. Academics is top priority at MVNU; along with keeping a true and faithful relationship with with God. Also, since MVNU is small compared to most universities, the professor/student relationships are amazing. Professors will be able to get to know their students in the small classroom setting and be able to keep a relationship going.


Volunteerism and outreach to a variety of people-groups.


Mount Vernon Nazarene University is best known for it's religious focus. It is Nazarene, but does not necessarily push towards the Nararene denomination. There is a wide variety of differenct Christian religions. Personally, I am not Nazarene and I never feel out of place because of that.