Mount Vernon Nazarene University Top Questions

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This is a Nazarene school in Ohio, so that makes it unique. Other than that it is a pretty typical Christian college. We have a creek, so that's cool. The food isn't horrible and it is then you can alway make a banana, chocolate, and peanut butter sandwich.


It offers a small Christian atmospher.


Mount Vernon Nazarene University is uniques in its dedication to growing the whole student intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally/personally as opposed to a school that simply focuses on getting degrees to students.


Caompared to other schools this school is strict in religon. The school is set in a small town and is very friendly.


Chapel services, and the Christian environment


MVNU focuses very much on making sure that incoming freshmen and transfer students feel welcome. There are tons of welcoming activities in the first few weeks! Also, they really encourage all students to get to know one another through dorm- and campus-wide activities. The people at the Naz really make it great. Everyone you meet is so friendly and willing to help! Lastly, I feel the need to mention how awesome the chicken patties are. They're served every Saturday for lunch! =]


This school is extremly friendly, offers so much to a persons spirituality, and the people are amazingly nice.


The atmosphere of MVNU feels comfortable. Most teachers I have had are extremely nice and helpful. The cafeteria food is better than all of the other schools I visited. The worship in chapel is contempory, with a mix here and there of traditional worship, where other schools this conservative were all traditional worship. It does not feel too big, or too small.


The relationships between faculty and students at this school is quite different from other schools that were considered. There seems to be a bond between the faculty and students due to their common God-centered foundation. Faculty are enthusiastic to help their students are make attempts for students to receive help even when they themselves are unavailable to provide the help. The students in return give respect to the faculty because they know that they are respected and valued.


The unique thing about MVNU is that, while there is alcohol use (rarely), most of the students obstain from drug or alcohol use.


This school is intentionally Christian. That means that it actually lives up to the Christian values that it says that it will uphold. The campus community here proves that fact through the idea and practice that all the students here are more than willing to lend a helping hand to their peers if they are in need of counseling, a shoulder to cry on, or just a listening ear.


Spiritual closes that everyone gives you.


we are a christian campus that puts relationships first and bettering ourselves.


There is strong focus placed on the students academically and spiritually. The profesors here are very personable and friendly, often taking time to get to know you by inviting you to their house, etc. This is a Christian university, and I feel tons of unity among the students. We are encouraged to strive for excellence, not just for ourselves, but so that we can glorify God. This is a great place to learn and challenge yourself! Lastly, the friendliness of the staff you daily encounter, the availability of on-campus jobs, and the intramurals make this college great!!! Come here!!!


The people at MVNU treat strangers with kindness and take an interest in personal lives.