Mount Vernon Nazarene University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


General education classes are awful. I don't think there is any way around that no matter what school you attend. That being said, I had a particularly bad experiance with my college writing class. I'm not sure my professor read all my papers. If he did, he wrote absolutely no comments. This is not really even typical of the school though, so you'll be fine. The other problem is admissions. They are not always very efficient or professional which caused difficulties at first, but now that I'm in, I feel better.


Many rules, courses, and syllabi are rather outdated and irrelevant. Although they are able to make do with, they can be rather painful at times, especially the very early curfew and certain classes one is required to take that are rather boring and unapplicable to modern day society.


What i consider the worst thing about my school is that we are not allowed to have dancing. We have ballroom daning but not actual dancing. They tell us that it was part of the Nazarene faith but it has been revised to where it was okay to allow dancing. So the school should change their rules to allow dancing.


I really can't think of a worst thing for my current school.


This school is a religous school and the one this i would consider a bad thing about it is if you do not have the same belief that as them then you might not like it as well or feel that you will get as muh out of it as what you could if you went to a public school. I do not feel that this is a bad thing but if everyon has there own beliefs and they are not all the same.


8:00 AM classes. Almost every college has these, though.


Well since MVNU is a small campus, in a non-diverse community, there is not tons of diversity on campus. Not having large amounts of diversity can limit what other students can learn about other backgrounds. But also with this, MVNU does strive to have diversity groups set up to allow the diversity learning.


Not accepting enough of gorwing diversity on campus; too conservative.


The worst aspect about my university deals with R-Rated movies. Such movies are banded from Mount Vernon's campus completely; regardless of what it was. Now I know some R-Rated movies are not worth my time but others are perfectly fine. Unfortunately, it didn't matter and all are banned. The R-Rated movie rule is being closely looked at and may change for my sophomore year.


The idea that the people aren't always fair when it comes to appearences.


Dead on weekends, easy to go into the cafeteria and not want anything ( food is repeated often ).


The racial diversity/sensitivity


the cafeteria food


The worst thing about my school is the drive from home. Its about a hour and a half to my house and just paying the gas money for the trips is ridiculous. Other then that I have loved this school since I have stepped foot on campus.


Too strict sometimes. There are a lot of rules that seem unnecessary.


Lack of a multi-cultural environment. Very hometown america.