Mount Vernon Nazarene University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Kids who do not want a to be in a Christian enironment


I love the small groups we have a Mount Vernon Nazarene which allows new students to become connected with in an inner circle of students like themselves. Small group is made up of ten freshmen students; usually those from your dorm floor. The group meets once a week for Bible study and fellowship. The group helped me to feel more welcomed in a new environment. Before the second month began, most of us had become closely connected with each other and today at least half of those in our group are counted as my good friends.


A person should attend Mount Vernon Nazarene University if they are looking for a smaller campus. The community is great and you get to know a majority of the students very well. If you like one on one attention and a close relationship with your professors then Mount Vernon Nazarene is a great school for you.


Someone who is very liberal or who likes lots of parties or large cities with attractions. There is lots of green space around but not much to do on the weekends. Not that we don't have fun, but we really have to make it ourselves. Also this is a very conservative school with rules that do not allow drinking. Some may find the rules to overbearing.


Someone that wants to party on the weekends.


The kind of person that this school is not ment for are the partiers. This school has a very strict zero tolerance drug and alcohol statute. The eprofessors here like to have fun in their classrooms but they also like to make sure that they are in control at al times.


The kind of person that wouldn't fit in well at MVNU is someone who is an atheist that isn't open to hear the arguements for God. They would feel extremely out of place and wouldn't enjoy classes because we pray before most class periods start.


A Left Wing, smoker, drinker, atheist, or drug user.


A student who wants to smoke, drink, have sex. The students here are conservative and believe in traditional standards and values. Someone who is non-religious or does not believe in God should not attend, but we are open to having anyone and share our faith. Someone who is non-motivaed to go to class or care about grade will not succeed here.


No one MVNU makes everyone feel welcome as long as you are not party hardy it doesnt happen at MVNU.