Mount Vernon Nazarene University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I find that my school lacks greatly in having facilities in which students can use to hangout, study, eat, and just have a good time. The city that this school is located in does not have any places for students to go to to spend time other than a few restaruants. I get so frustrated that my school doesn't provide places for us that many other colleges do.


Many things are not explained very well. You are on your own for the most part to find everything out by trial, which can be good because it encourages independence. However, the school does a bad job at explaining rules, procedures, insurance, financial aid, etc. and makes it your responsibility to research, which I know from first hand experience is very frustrating.


At times the most frustrating thing about my school is the amount of homework since it is an adult accelerate program. I am a wife and mother age 45, so I love spending time with my family. But over the past almost 2 years every Tuesday night I have to be at class so all events my children have been involved in I have had to miss.


Themost frustrating aspect about my university is the campus curfew. As a freshman I did not expect to have a curfew while attending college so it was a suprise. Upper classman have a latter curfew than freshmen and at times it would get really frustrating considering I have a lot of upper classmen as close friends. I would have to leave social events to make sure I was on time back to my dorm. The good thing about this is that the curfew rules and regulations are currently under construction so it may change for my sophomore year.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that the food in the cafeteria is not always the most delicious. We have a very wide selection, but since it is prepared in large quantities, the flavour is not the best. Often I opt for a salad or sandwich. Otherwise, I love my school!


The school is very, very christian. If you don't believe in Jesus, this is definately not a place to even consider. If you're looking for a place with a free flow of ideas, this isn't it either.


There are three things that frustrate me about this school. First, the school is located in a small city, so there's not much to do off campus. Second, the Financial Aid and Student Accounts offices in our school often make mistakes with the students already enrolled in the college, and are often late in posting how much scholarships you have or how much left you have to pay on your bill. Lastly, I have an on-campus job, and for some reason, most of my paychecks do either not arrive when they should.


Sometimes the professors get wrapped up in their work and will not have our tests, papers, and quizzes back to us on time. But normally they do a pretty good job about doing everything to help each student out in anyway possible.