Mount Vernon Nazarene University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


How difficult it would have been financially and how I could have prepared for it. I wish I would have known which classes I should take and which classes I probably should not take.


I don't feel that I missed out on any information that I would have needed to know before coming.


At Mount Vernon Nazarene University, if you are a single traditional student with no children, you are required to live on campus until you are 22 years old or 21 years old with senior status. Furthermore, while living on campus you are required to be on the meal plan, which is a flat rate you pay and you may eat as much as you want as many times as you may want in a day. In conclusion, I wish I had known that I would be required to live on campus and eat their food my entire academic career.


How the impact of everyone around you is life changing for the better. This college provided me with the ability to grow at my own rate as a Christian.


That the tuition raises more and more each year. That I would not qualify for any financial aid other than loans. That the way the school spends money is all based on getting students to come to the school, and not on keeping students here. Much of our hard- earned money has gone to decorating the school, rather than providing housing, parking lots or bigger buildings which are all despirately needed. That the fruit they provide in the cafeteria is only good when they are planning for visitors. Meal plans are all the same.


I wish I would have known that they charge you money to put credits onto your transcript.


I wish I understood more of the financial area. There is more information there than what shows.


I wish I had known that a lot of people go home on weekends. It is sometimes hard to find people to hang out with on weekends because I cannot go home on weekends. This year it is a little easier because the apartment I live in has other girls that live out of state, so they do not go home on weekends either.


I wish I had known that the religious affiliation of the school would make the culture prohibitive to exploring new ideas openly.