Mount Vernon Nazarene University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Mount Vernon Nazarene University is the friendly environment. The teachers will do anything to help you out, and are often available. Students area also friendly.


I love the social and spiritual aspects about my school. The chapel services grow and challenge you, and the social events help you meet new people. I have to say the end of the year block party is the biggest social event on campus and the most fun one.


I would like to say that most students like them for their desert. However, I believe Mount Vernon is best known for its academic excellence. It focuses not just on helping students to become superior in their area of major, but helps the students to become well rounded individuals through generally required courses. For an example, as an art major I never imagined that I would have to take a philosophy course. I knew nothing about philosophy. In the end though, I did have an appreciation for it and it helped me to formulate my thoughts concerning personal beliefs.


We have a strong sense of community especailly within our schools with our professors. Also there are great study abroad and service opportunities. The schools of education and bussiness are the largest, and being a part of the School of Education I have traveled and gained quite a bit of expereince in the classroom.


I like the fact that that it is small so you get more attention from the professors. I also like the environment in that people are very friendly so it makes it easier being away from home and my long time friends.


One of the best things about Mount Vernon Nazarene University is that the professors actually get to know their students on a personal level and learn their names. This helps relieve tension, and students can feel confident in going to their professors for help.


The students at MVNU are the best thing. They're strong Christians and some of the nicest, friendliest people you'll ever meet!


The best thing about my school is how they encourage you to live for more than just yourself, and to not be afraid to help others.


Being an Art major I really appreciate that the Art Department has kept the overall courses simple not being able to narrow down to a specific major (ex. photographer to painter) and only kept a small range of classes offered, allowing you to push your creativity. Other then that the professor's want to guide you but also push you mentally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually to succeed in your area of study. At this college you are a person not a number.


The best thing about my school is that it not only focuses on the academic growth and well being of the students but also the spiritual growth and well being. The academic growth allows for progress toward career oriented goals. The spritual growth allows for one's world view to be shaped and for one to develop a closer relationship with God. These two aspects that are focused on the most at my school are essential in regards to developing a college student into a genuine and successful person.


The professors on this campus really are here for the students. They really have a desire to get to know the students, and help them to succeed at every cost. The classes are small enough on this campus, therefore the professors on this campus can really focus on the students individually.


The best thing about my school is the emphasis on God. It helps keep everything balanced in life and helps you get through the year, and helps you with life later on.


It is a Christian School! with a great Adult Graduate Studies program.


The christian atmosphere and the people


The environment: Everyone is friendly, helpful and non-judgemental. We are a close community who care about each one of our students. We will be there for each student through thick and thin. We care about getting the best education in a friendly and helpful environment.


The friendly atmosphere of students and faculty. I have made lots of friends the last several years including professors who have encouraged me both academically and spiritually.


The on-campus living we have apartment for eveyone abve freshmen.