Mountain State University Top Questions

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Mountain state university offers a brillant culinary course with out the astronomically prices of other schools ive searched.Of course there are other schools out there that are ranked top schools for my degree but they are no where in the price range i can afford.


My school is located in appalachia, so most people would expect a lower population of students due to the location being typically undesirable by students of my age group. However, there is always something fun and constructive to do here.


This school has a great career center, and great advisors were you can learn about all the programs offered at the school.


Liked that most of the classes were on-line so i can still work full-time


I have enjoyed my university based on the fact that it allows for me to take internet classes and still achieve my degree. I work full time and have a family to raise while attending school full time. The University works with our schedules which allows us to take advanced classes.


Small classes and it has a legal studies program as opposed to Pre-law.